Sigma HS Q4 EV Price In Pakistan 2023 Specifications, Features, Dealer Contact Number

Pakistan’s first solar car Sigma HS Q4 EV price in Pakistan 2023 specifications, features, dealer contact number and location is available. United motors have collaborated with Sigma auto-sports for launching the first solar car in Pakistan. Which is known as Sigma q4 solar and electric vehicle. This is a four wheels hatchback car that is having a maintenance-free lead-acid battery that produces the 72v100Ah. The company has designed this car with all new features and modern technology. That allows you to shuffle this car either on charging, solar, or petrol. Similarly, there are lots of features that I have shared on this page below. Just keep on reading to get further details.

United Motors and The Sigma Auto-Sports are two different brands. These are locally manufactured brands in Pakistan that have produced entry-level motorcycles. Previously the united motors have also introduced United Bravo 800cc which has not yet been as successful they were planned. But now under the reviews of specifications of Sigma Solar Vehicle 2023, we are expecting this vehicle to be a very successful variant in Pakistan. The reason is the open weather where the sunshine is available every time. Just keep on reading this article for more information regarding price, specs, dealer contact number, and reviews.

Sigma Hs Q4 EV Price In Pakistan 2023

United Motors and Sigma Automotors have collaborated to launch the all-new solar power sigma HS Q4 EV car in Pakistan in 2023. This page is containing the price and specs as well as the dealer contact on this page. So you just need to read this page and stay with us to get further updates which are very important for now before going to buy a Sigma HS Q4 EV car. There are three variants of Sigma HS Q4

  1. Standard Variant RS. 18,95000/- PKR
  2. Solar Variant RS. 19, 95000/- PKR
  3. Premium Variant RS. 21, 25000/- PKR

Sigma HS Q4 EV Price In Pakistan 2021 Specifications, Features, Dealer Contact Number

Sigma HS Q4 EV Standard Specifications:

The Sigma HS Q4 EVS standard specifications are very basic because it is only having electric battery power. So in this variant, you will not get solar power. You can drive this car on petrol and charge a battery. Its 120AMP@6EVF battery will be required 8 to 10 hours to charge at home or any electricity charging point. The color options and other exterior features are as same as the other variants are having. But the main difference is just its power train that is its battery power technology but not the solar plates that are fixed on the rooftop as you can see in the picture. Read below for taking the further specs of the Sigma Q4 standard variant.

Sigma HS Q4 EVS Solar Specifications

The second variant is Sigma HS Q4 EVS solar specifications which is a solar power electric vehicle. This car is having better features than the standard variant because you will get the solar plates installed on its rooftop. The battery in this car will be charged through solar power while you can also shuffle this car on petrol power as well the vehicle is also having the option to get charge is a battery at home. Batteries in all these three variants are the same but the other power trails are having some changings which I have discussed on this page below.

Sigma HS Q4 EVS Premium Specifications:

The Sigma HS Q4 EVS premium specifications have all three qualities like a solar, electric battery, and petrol power engine. The above two models are not having any one of these but this car will contain all three properties. It will be a nature-friendly vehicle and that will reduce the running cost because you can shuffle it to the solar whenever the EVs battery is fully charged while in case of the night time you can either convert it to the petrol power if you are somewhere there is no electricity option. This car has a battery of 120AMP@6EVF which produces 4.5 KW energy. It will take 8 to 10 hours to fully charge along with plug and play technology at solar and or at home. The Sigma EVS Premium top speed is 110 KM/H and you can drive it up to 150KM at once fully charged on battery.

Sigma HS Q4 EVS Premium Specifications

Sigma HS Q4 EV Dealer Contact Number:

The pr-booking of Sigma HS Q4 EV dealer contact number is available now. The company will deliver any variant of this car in 60 to 70 days on paying the advance on booking.

  • Address: 382-E Main Boulevard، Near Allah Hoo Chowk, Block E Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab
  • Phone: 0300 0300001
  • Address: Plot No. 42, Eden Malikpur Road, Opposite Allama Iqbal Airport, Near Eden City، Cantt, Lahore, Punjab
  • Phone: 0307 6662467

Hence the complete information regarding Solar car Sigma HS Q4 EV price in Pakistan 2023 specifications, features, dealer contact number is written on this page. I hope you have taken all for what you are searching online and you are on the right page to get the details. You must share your reviews in the following comments box and we will share further information with you right here through this page.