Best 125 Battery In Pakistan 2023, Price, Dry, Gel, Liquid Acid Batteries

Here is the list of the best 125 battery in Pakistan 2023, price, dry, gel, liquid acid batteries companies. If the battery of your motorbike has expired and you are feeling it to get changed. You must read this article at once. Along with the best suggestions we are also guiding you about what you should have to choose. What is going best in the market during the year 2023? And what will suites you the best if you are having a 70cc or a 125cc? So don’t miss any detail and in the end, we would like to get your comments in the comments section about your reviews towards any of the batteries you are using or using.

So before going towards the main point, let’s take a quick reading about how a battery is important in a motorcycle and what are its core functions. Actually, the battery is not a prominent function in itself in a bike but there are many functions that can’t run if there is no battery installed or the battery is expired. These functions are the horn, indicators, headlight, rear light, and self-start. If the battery is missing or expired in your bike then the said functions would be compromised which we think is not a good approach for driving on road.

Best 125 Battery In Pakistan 2023

The year 2023 has brought many updates in every technology. And when we talk about the motorcycle batteries then the situation is so confused here. Yes of course! The huge competition in the market is not easy for a general user to select the best motorcycle battery for a 125cc bike in Pakistan 2023.

Here I would like to highlight the two types of batteries currently available in the market. The first one is the older version which is liquid or acid batteries while the second one is the dry batteries which is the latest technology. After reading the list of the Best 125 Battery In Pakistan 2023, we are conveying the difference between liquid and dry batteries. So don’t miss that below.

Best 125 Battery In Pakistan 2021, Price, Dry, Gel, Liquid Acid Batteries

Best Dry Battery For 125cc Motorcycle:

The technology has upgraded and the dry batteries are more reliable and successful as compared to the traditional liquid acid batteries. Here below are some of the best dry batteries for a 125cc motorcycle. A dry battery means, it is maintenance-free, a one-time investment, and more powerful for HID, LED Fog Lights, and Focus Lights. These are a bit expensive than the liquid batteries but we would suggest you fix them at once and get mentally relaxed for many years.

  • Flying 12v 7amp (Dry Battery) 3 Months Warranty RS 3500/-
  • Macaya ISO 9000 certified (dry battery) 12V RS. 3200/- (German standard battery)
  • Motobat Dry Battery 8.6amp Rs. 16000/-

Best Gel Battery for 125:

You will be amazed to read about the latest technology after dry battery. Yes of course! The gel batteries are now introduced for the motorbikes too. These are a little bit bigger in size but through a little alteration by the mechanic you can fix these batteries in your 125, 150, and even 200cc bikes and can install any heavy-duty lights.

  • Yuasa 12V 9 AMP Rs. 7500/-
  • E.T gel-based battery Rs. 3500
  • MF Dry Battery Rs. 2000/-

Best Liquide Acid Battery for 125cc in Pakistan:

So these are all the list of the best 125 batteries in Pakistan 2023, price, dry, gel, liquid acid. We have written the dry and the gel batteries. While in case of buying the liquid battery then you must have a budget of RS. 600 to 1200 and you can buy any of one from National, Osaka, or Volta liquid battery from the market. You can leave comments in the following commenting section for taking any further updates which are very important for you as well as for the other readers who are coming here to check the battery reviews.