Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Black Red Colour

Honda Pakistan has announced Honda 125 Price in Pakistan for the 2023 new model in black and red color. Like every year, Atlas Honda announced its latest model in the month of October with a lot of new exciting features. Honda 125 is the most loved bike as well as the most popular bike in Pakistan and that is the reason it is still available in Pakistan. Those who don’t know about its history must have to know that this bike was introduced by Honda Japan in the 1980s and since then it has become popular among Pakistanis. Although Honda Japan has stopped its production due to its demand in Pakistan, Atlas Honda is still offering Honda 125 in Pakistan. You can check its new model with price from this website and can book the new Honda 125 2023 model from any nearest Honda authorized center.

From the beginning, Honda 125 are a very popular company in the market. And when Pakistan launch this outstanding vehicle. So, it is considered one of the best motorcycles worldwide. Almost people chose this bike with its beautiful design and color. Basically, it is present in the market in two colors red and black. But the red color of this bike makes it looks very beautiful than the black color.  However, It does not mean that black color is not good. But black color has its own look. Sometimes, people choose this bike in black color. Because they like this bike in black color. If we look from a worldly point of view. So a large number of people in Pakistan are using these bikes. Because it includes many useful features, volume, popularity, specifications, etc.

125 honda 2023 model price in Pakistan

It is the dream of every youngster to purchase a new Honda 125 as this bike has become the symbol of style and elegance in Pakistan. The demand for this bike is higher than any other Honda bike and that is the reason its prices are becoming high. Those who are looking for the new Honda 125 2023 model can check its complete details from here.

Here, we will discuss the price of the Pakistan of Honda 125. The price of a bike is high. But when people see these features and specifications. They buy it with a good smile. And pay the price of the Honda bike easily. If we look at this price. So, it is around 2 Lac. But the different models of Honda 125 are available in the market. Which has different prices. If we talk about Honda CG 125 2023 model. It is available in the market at Rs.179,900. But when the latest models of honda bikes come onto the market. It gives us different prices.

Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Black Red Colour

Although, Honda Pakistan hasn’t changed its price for the 2023 model but they have changed many of its features. So, if you want to buy a bike then we will recommend you to buy the 2023 model instead of any old model. The price of the Honda 125 2023 model is Rs 179,900.

125 Honda Price: 179,900


honda 125 red price in pakistan 2023

honda 125 red price in pakistan 2023

Honda has sold over 250 million motorcycles, Given its sales volume and popularity, Honda could be considered one of the best companies worldwide. If we look at the engine fuel average. It has good average fuel. Honda 125 runs in the one-liter patrol for almost 40km to 45km around. So it is a nice average. The petrol tank capacity of the Honda 125 is around 11 liters. So it is a good thing about this bike. Atlas Honda clutch housing  CG-125 is around Rs.1,500. The performance of the clutch housing is very good. If talk about the spare part of the Honda 125 is also available in the market. So, you can easily take them. Some local companies are selling china spare parts. So, you should avoid this thing. If you buy local spare parts. Then, maybe the performance of the honda 125 will be Impacted.

125 honda 2023 price in Pakistan

There are many people who have wished to see modern things in the new models. Obviously, they will do it. If we look at this shape. It is pretty good. I like it very much. However, the performance of Honda 125 gears is very good. If you are but for racing, you must see these properties in this. If we talk about the guarantee. so,  Honda provides the customer with 6 month’s guarantee. Which is a good thing about Honda 125.


Honda 125 comes in two colors including its elegant black color and decent red color. The price of the Honda 125 red colour and the Honda 125 black colour is the same. Currently, we are talking about the features of this bike. This bike comes with a 4-stroke air-cooled engine that helps this bike on long routes in any environment. Apart from this, it has a four-speed gear transmission system for better performance.

Honda 125 Fuel Average:

Atlas Honda is working on better environment-friendly bikes and that is the reason they are manufacturing such an engine that provides better performance in low fuel. If we talk about the Honda 125 fuel average then this bike covers almost 47km/l. It means you can cover almost 47 kilometers in 1-liter petrol. Honda company claims that their bike can drive up to 60km in one liter but due to petrol quality the average is less than the claimed.

Every year Honda increases their bike price but this year they are offering a new model on the same price. The price will increase in December so if you want to purchase a new Honda 2023 model then, this is the best time to purchase Honda 125. Apart from the normal 125, Honda is also offering its special edition with a five-transmission system and some latest features. The price of the special edition is higher than the normal model. For more information about 125cc bikes, you can visit the bike section on this website.