Sweyd 125 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specs, Reviews

The best 125 Bikes in Pakistan are available by different companies by different suppliers and manufacturers. So, High-quality 125cc motorcycles at cheap prices are available with new designs and models. In this way, the New Bikes Sweyd 125 is available in Pakistan from different suppliers. So, the Sweyd 125 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specs, Reviews, and details are available here. Therefore, you can check the details of the Sweyd motorcycle as well as sweyd 125 prices near the city. Basically, the Sweyd Company is launching the new models of 125 bikes which are available across Pakistan. So, you can check Bikes price, specs, and pictures of Sweyd 125 here.

The Sweyd 125cc Bikes for sale in Pakistan are available online and in showrooms. In this way, the Sweyd 125 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specs, Reviews are here. However, it is a good-looking bike that looks like a racing bike. In fact, some designs of Sweyd bikes are outstanding and luxurious. Besides, the Kavaki is collaborating to provide the 150cc sweyd motorcycle or bike with new models and designs. In fact, the Swyed comes in the darkest and most red thing, but now it’s all silver chrome, more elegant, and obviously better.

Sweyd 125 price in Pakistan black

Sweyd 125 New Model Colors

Basically, there are three prominent colors available for this bike in the market. So, the available colors of this were two before the new model of 2023. In this way, there were only two colors like red and black. But now, this bike is coming in silver chrome color with a new look. So, it looks more attractive and shines to drive this bike. Besides, the customer can change the color of this bike as per their desire. But the original new color of this bike is quite better and unique than the previous models.

Sweyd 125 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specs, Reviews

Basically, the Sweyd Bikes are manufactured by the Chinese APATSHI Company that is providing their bikes in different countries. In fact, Pakistani sellers are also importing this bike due to its handsome outlook and best features. So, buyers are also interested to buy this bike in Pakistan. However, it is not more popular yet in Pakistan due to un-awareness about this bike. So, when the excellent reviews will come of this sweyd bike, then the popularity will increase. However, currently, there are few buyers as well as sellers of this bike to provide this bike in Pakistan. Besides, the company is providing this bike to Saudi Arabia. So, the average price of this bike in Saudi Arabia is approximate 3,500 Saudi Riyal.

Sweyd 125 price in Pakistan

Sweyd 125cc Price in Pakistan 2023

The price of Sweyd 125 is different in Pakistan by the various suppliers and showrooms. In this way, the average price that you can get this bike in Pakistan is available here. Besides, the amount of Sweyd Bike is Negotiated able by the sellers. 

ModelPrice PKR
Sweyd 125cc150,000/-

Actually, this price is the basis of the country of manufacturers. However, if you want to import this bike, then shipping charges will apply as well as the tax to import this bike. So, the current price will accord the shipping cost and tax rate in Pakistan. However, you can negotiate with the supplier to get this bike at a reasonable price in Pakistan.

Sweyd 125 price in Pakistan black

Sweyd 125cc New Model Specifications

Specs and Features
Model NO.GW125-9
Engine type4 stroke, single-cylinder, Air-forced cool
Fuel TypeGas / Diesel
Fuel capacity13.0 L
Displacement124 ML
Max torque7500 rpm
Maximum speed85km/h
Braking ModeFront Disc Brake Drum
Cooling MethodAir Cooling
Dry weight100kg
Starting systemElectric/Kick/self-start
Battery12V / 7AH
Wheel typeAluminum
Engine Size<250cc

Above are the main specs of the Sweyd bike that you can check from here. However, the maximum payload mass of the Sweyd bike is 150kg which is quite heavy. On the other hand, the maximum power of this bike is 7.4kw or 8500r per minute. Besides, the bike has dual functionalities of the starting system. So, you can start this bike with a kick or by an electric system. In this way, Sweyd has self-start functionality which is also available in the latest models.

FAQs of Sweyd Bikes

Here are some general questions about the Sweyd Bikes. In this way, you can ask an additional question if you have it in your mind. But some general questions about this bike are below.

Can Sweyd 125 Import in Pakistan?

As the Sweyd bike is a China manufacturer company bike, this is possible to import this bike directly in Pakistan. However, additional charges are included to import this bike. In this way, the tax charges and shipping charges will apply to this Sweyd 125 Bike.

Is Sweyd 125 Best to Buy in Pakistan?

Basically, the Sweyd has well as look wise. However, the fuel capacity of this bike is 13 liter which allows for long driving. In fact, this bike gives good millage as compared to the other 125 bikes. So, on the basis of these features, it can consider best to buy in Pakistan.

How can buy Sweyd 125 Bike in Pakistan?

There are different ex-factory showrooms that are providing the Sweyd Bikes. However, customers can import this bike by online purchasing from online stores. Besides, you can check the additional details of this bike at Lariada.pk.

Opinion About Sweyd 125 cc

This bike by look wise is good as well as by specifications. In fact, the features of this bike are also competing able as compared to the other 125 bikes. However, the Sweyd has good millage as well as fuel capacity to drive for long routes. Besides, this bike is not easy to find currently in Pakistan. In this way, the customers can import this bike with some extra cost. So, in this scenario, we are not currently in the favor of this to import with extra charges. But in the future Sweyd can access easily every showroom of Pakistan hopefully.  But figuring the current situation, we cannot say that buying this bike is a good idea.