Honda City Price in Pakistan 2023 Automatic Manual Specification Fuel Average

The Honda company has launched the Honda City 1300cc in both Automatic and Manual variants in Pakistan. In fact, the Honda City 1300 cc is the best car of all Honda Alta’s cars variants series. So, here you will come to know the Honda City Price in Pakistan 2023 1300cc Automatic Manual Specification Fuel Average and more in this post. Actually, the Honda City 1.3 MT Manual and Honda City 1.3 Prosmatec are two versions are that are the best models. Basically, this is the best car with an outstanding outlook and great millage of fuel. In fact, the Alta’s Honda City 6th generation and 7th generation have been launched in Pakistan. So, you can check the specification, features, and other details on this website.

However, the new version of Honda city’s launch date of 2023 is going to mention here. So, we will update here about the new launch model of Honda city for Honda city lovers. But before going on further, here you will come to know about the specs of the Honda City 1300cc both variants with current price in Pakistan.


Honda City Price in Pakistan 1300cc

Honda City variants Latest variants 2023

Basically, there are all the latest variants listed of the new Altas Honda city model. So, you can check the variants of 2023 in this list. Besides, the prices of these models and details are available on this website.

  • City 1.2 LS CVT
  • City 1.2 LS Manual
  • Honda City 1.3 MT Manual
  • Honda City 1.3 Prosmatec Automatic
  • City 1.5 LS CVT
  • City Aspire 1.5 LAS CVT
  • Honda City Aspire 1.5 LAS MT

But there are currently five variants in the latest launch by the Altas Honda City Cars in 2023. So, you can get the all variant’s details from the home page of Altas Honda Cars on this website.

Honda City Price in Pakistan 2023 1300CC Automatic Manual Specification Fuel Average

Firstly, the Honda city 1300cc new model launch date and new features are going to disclose here. In fact, there are some other companies that are providing the 1300cc cars in Pakistan. So, in these cars and companies, the main names are Honda City, Toyota Corolla, Suzuki, Yaris, Swift, Nisan AD, Nisan Note, etc. Besides, there are some other companies and models cars that have 1300 cc engine and specifications.

Honda City Price in Pakistan Model Wise

Honda City 1300cc Manual/ 1.3L MT2,455,000 PKR
Honda City 1300cc Prosmatec/ 1.3L PT2,645,000 PKR

Basically, these prices are exclusive of holding tax in Pakistan by EX-Factory for the customers. However, there are some additional prices that can be added to increase the value of features. So, the actual price will increase by adding the additional feature that will enhance the performance of the car. In fact, every customer would like to add these features to their car to get better mileage and performance of the car. So, these additional values with prices are available here.

Additional Feature and Prices of Honda City In Pakistan

Honda City FeaturesPrice In Pakistan

So, by adding these features, the customer can figure it with the basic price of the car. However, these things are valuable for safety and protection. Because, when you will drive the car in fog as well as in winter smog then fog lights will value for the safety. In fact, the modulo kit is also necessary for the safety of the car. However, the leather seats will make you comfortable and keep you relaxed during the drive. So, it’s quite bearable to afford these things for safety and protection purposes. But if you don’t want all these additional features, then the above price is mentioned by the ex-factory in Pakistan. But it is not a big deal as compared to the protection.

Honda City Price in Pakistan

Honda City Color Variants

The Honda City has different color variants that you can see in the above image. However, the prominent color of the Honda City 1300cc Auto and Manual is the same for both cars. Besides, the color is Platinum White as well as Pearl. In fact, the Modern Steel Metallic as well as Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic. On the other hand, the Lunar Silver Metallic car is also available in all models. In fact, the Crystal Black Pearl color is most preferable by customers. However, you can choose any of them that you like to buy. But the blue and red colors are more prominent by look wise. So, it’s up to you to select the color when you purchase this car. However, in our available image, there are seven colors of varients for the Honda City car.

Honda City Price in Pakistan 1300cc auto

Honda City Features & Specifications

So, here are the specifications and features of either Honda city 1300cc or CITY i-VTEC 1.3L MT as well as Honda city 1300cc Prosmatec/Auto or 1.3L PT models. Lets, check the specifications in the below table with all details.

Features/SpecificationsCITY i-VTEC 1300cc Manual/ 1.3L MTCITY I-VTEC 1300cc Prosmatec/ 1.3L PT
ENGINE1339 cc1339 cc
HORSEPOWER100 hp @ 6000 RPM100 hp @ 6000 RPM

FAQs of Honda City

How many cars have a 1300cc Engine?

Basically, there are different models that have a 1300 cc engine in their features. So, the main names are Honda City, Toyota Corolla, Suzuki, Yaris, Swift, Nisan AD, Nisan Note, etc. In fact, there are some other models that also have the 1300cc engine specifications.

What is the price of Altas Honda City Price in Pakistan?

The Altas Cars Honda City new variants price is different according to the variant and model as well as generation. However, the general new price of Honda City In Pakistan is from Rs. 26 lac to 30 lac. So, it depends on the model and variant of the Honda city car that what is the exact price of the Honda city car.

What are the requirements to purchase Honda City In Pakistan?

The company and X-Factory showrooms demand 50% of the car price before the delivery. However, the remaining amount will receive before the thirty days of delivery by the company. Secondly, the buyer needs to provide the identity card copy to the company. Besides, you can check further requirements at