United Bravo Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specification Petrol Average

The new United automobile manufacturer industry in Pakistan providing the Bravo cars since 2018 in Pakistan. And now it is now most searched car due to the best prices and features. In this way, the people are demanding this car which is an 800cc hatchback with affordable prices in Pakistan. So, if you want to buy this car in Pakistan, you can check the United Bravo Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specification Petrol Average and features of this car here. So, all availability of this car across Pakistan is easy. So, the interested people can easily access the United Bravo car suppliers in Pakistan. But before purchasing United Bravo Car in Pakistan, you should aware of the features, specs, and prices of this car in Pakistan.

Basically, this car is in the budget car compared to the other cars in Pakistan. So, customers rushed to buy this car by comparing to the other cars which are a little bit similar but costly. However, in the beginner’s stage of this company, there was not much demand for the 800cc small hatchback segment. But after one year, the demand for the Bravo car increased after its launch. In fact, people still are searching for this car to buy in Pakistan. However, this car is available in three different colors respect grey-white, and silver.

United Bravo In Pakistan

United Bravo Car 800cc Dealers & Showrooms in Pakistan

Actually, there are multiple dealers of United Bravo Car in all big cities across Pakistan. However, if you want to buy this car near to you, there are some names according to the city. So, in Lahore, there are three big dealers in Lahore with the name of United Motor Merchants, Ittifaq Trader, and United Lahore Motors. So, you can get United Bravo Car from these dealers in Lahore.

United Bravo Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specification Petrol Average

As the United Bravo industry has not deep background history, even the first appearance of this industry was a few years ago. But it is growing with respect to the demand of the public. So, currently United has two main models of 800cc and 1000cc cars in Pakistan. In this way, the Alpha Car 1000cc and Bravo Car 800cc both are becoming the most searchable cars in Pakistan. The basic reason for the interest is the reasonable prices and competitive features.

United Bravo Price in Pakistan 2023

The price of United Bravo is low as compared to the other related brands in Pakistan. However, you can get this car in use as well as brand new from various United Bravo car suppliers and dealers in Pakistan. The latest price of United Bravo Price in Pakistan is 1,149,000/- Pakistan.

Brand ModelPrice in Pakistan PKR
United Bravo1,149,000/-

Basically, this is the ex-factory and different supplier’s price in Pakistan. So, if you are interested to buy this car, you can purchase it from your nearest showroom in Pakistan. In fact, the spear parts of this car are easily available in Pakistan. So, you can go to any car service shop for the service of this car.

United Alpha price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specification petrol average Review

United Bravo Specification, Features, and Review

Here are the specifications of the United Bravo specs including interior and exterior features and functionalities. So, you can check the United Bravo interior specs and features as well as United Bravo exterior specs and features here. In fact, the mileage of this car, as well as petrol capacity and more, is here.

United Bravo in Pakistan

United Bravo Specs & Features

All specs of United Bravo Specs are here that you can check from this table.

United Bravo Specs & Features
Horsepower29.5kw, 40hp @ 5500rpm
Transmission Type4-front 1-back
Mileage12 to 15 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity30L
Seating Capacity5 Person

But if you want to check the united Bravo interior features with respect to the model in detail. So, these details are here with a review. In fact, you can check these features’ implications and details here.

United Bravo Interior Specs and Features

United Bravo interior in Pakistan

So, here are the interior specs and features of this United Bravo. So, you can check all interior features and specs in this era. Basically, this car has an interactive multimedia system with respect to the functionality of USB/AUX as well as a Radio player MP5 and Bluetooth system. On the other hand, if we talk about the front and rear seats, the seat material is fabric. However, the front seat is adjustable for a headrest that you can adjust as per your desire. In fact, the rear seat headrest is also in this car. But if you want to eat a cup of tea, there are two cup holders that will grip your cup during the driving. In this way, there is an assist grip system as well as the glove compartment in the interior features.

United Bravo Exterior Specs & Features

united bravo exterior in Pakistan

But if we talk about the exterior specs as well as features of United Bravo Car, here are the features. So, in this car from the exterior side in front and back, there are multi-reflector headlamps. However, the front, as well as the back bumper, is colored with respect to the car body color. Besides, the side view mirrors are foldable. In fact, you can lock your fuel lid with a key as well as a back door lock. Moreover, there is a reverse camera with a sensor to detect the space in which you want to park or reverse. Lastly, there is a spare wheel in the back for instant use.

United Bravo Car Review

This is one of the cheapest cars in Pakistan competing with other popular brands in Pakistan. Basically, this car has standard features and specifications in the best price range. In fact, the United Bravo is a fairly competitive car in Pakistan in the price range of 11.99 lac. So, this car has fairly good features according to the interior and exterior specifications. However, the vehicle has power steering features and a rear camera as well as an air conditioner. In fact, the front power windows open and close. Besides, the United Bravo has good mileage according to the fuel capacity which is 12 Km/L to 15 Km/L. It can be considered a good mileage compared to the 796cc engine of the car. Besides, the price of this car is also in the budget which can easily buy in Pakistan.

FAQs of United Bravo Car in Pakistan

What is the price of the United Bravo Car in Pakistan?

The ex-factory price of United Bravo Car in Pakistan is Rs. 1,149,000/-. So, you can check the features and specs of this car here.

Are Spear Parts of United Bravo Car easy to find?

The United Bravo is available in different showrooms and the spear parts of this car are easy to find. So, you can get or change the spear parts of this car from almost all cities of Pakistan.