New Cars Under 2 million in Pakistan 2023

You can check the details of new cars under 2 million in Pakistan 2023 from here and can choose a perfect car. In the last few years, new companies like Kia, MG, and many others have stepped into Pakistan’s auto industry to promote the best quality cars in Pakistan. These companies have introduced mid-range, and low-range cars for Pakistani users so that they can get the best features on a low budget. Those who are looking for a new car in 20 lacs in Pakistan have few options to choose from because the prices have gone up drastically due to economical uncertainty. On the below side, we are sharing different options that you can purchase in 2 million in Pakistan with the best features.

Buying a new car in Pakistan is not an easy task as the prices of cars are increasing day by day. People who are looking for a new car in 2 million can check some of the best options below side. The purpose of sharing different companies’ cars is to let our readers compare two or more cars with each other. Apart from this, we are sharing some of the manual cars and some of the auto cars under 2 million.

New Cars Under 2 million in Pakistan 2023

New Cars Under 15 Lakhs

Everyone loves to drive an auto car because it is easy to drive and more compatible. People who are looking for small auto cars in Pakistan can check new auto cars for under 2 million from here. You can check these cars and can choose the perfect one according to your requirements.

Suzuki Alto VXR Auto:

Suzuki Alto VXR Auto new car

The first automatic car that you can buy for 2 million is the Suzuki alto VXR auto model. Suzuki Alto CXR comes in two different variants including auto and manual models. So, if you love to drive an auto car then, you have to consider the Suzuki alto VXR auto variant that approximately costs 1.9 million. The price may increase or decrease as per the economical situation in Pakistan.

United Alpha:

United motors have announced its 1000cc model under the name of United Alpha. This car comes in both auto and manual variants. So, if you are looking for the best auto car in 20 lakhs then, you can go for the United Alpha 1000cc car. This car costs around 1.7 million in Pakistan.

New Manual Car Under 2 million

Not everyone loves to drive auto cars as manual car lovers always love to drive manual cars. That is the reason, companies are offering manual transmission models for every newly launched car in Pakistan. On the below side, we are sharing some of the best manual cars under 20 lacs in Pakistan.

Suzuki Wagon R:

The most premium car in 2 million in Pakistan is the Suzuki Wagon R. the price of this car at its launch was around 1 million but due to the price rise now the basic variant with the least features costs around 2 million. This is one of the most liked family cars on a low budget because of its performance and sitting capacity. If you will go for its upper variants then it costs around 3 million.

Daihatsu Mira:

Daihatsu Mira car

We have shared all Pakistani-built cars but if you are looking for a Japanese-built new car under 20 lacs then you can go for Daihatsu Mira. This is one of the best 600cc cars in Pakistan and no other car can beat this car in mileage and performance. Furthermore, the durability of this car is much higher than any locally assembled car in Pakistan. If we talk about the price then you can find its basic variant in 2 million.

United Bravo:

One of the best cars in a low budget in Pakistan is United Bravo. People who love to drive manual cars can go for this car because this car comes with the best features and a good fuel average. Apart from this, the price of this car is around 1.5 million which is very reasonable for such a good-featured car in Pakistan. Currently, United Motors is offering united bravo in a manual variant and will launch its auto model in near future.

Prince Pearl:

Those who are tired of Suzuki or other old cars can go for Prince pearl because this car is much better than others. This is a 600cc car that comes in less than 1.5 million but has almost all the features of mid-range cars. Prince pearl is best for those who are looking for a family car with the best mileage in Pakistan. You can drive this car on every type of road and you won’t get disappointed.

Suzuki Alto VXR Manual:

As I already mentioned that every company launch cars in both manual and auto variants so, if you love to drive a manual car than, you can go for Suzuki VXR manual variant. This is one of the best economical cars in Pakistan with the best features. Apart from VXR model, you can also buy the VX model which has fewer options than the VXR model. Likewise, the upper model of the Suzuki alto is VXL which costs around 2.3 million in Pakistan.

Toyota Passo:

Toyota Passo new car

Although, this car is not in a 2 million budget but you can still consider this car because of its features and durability. The built quality of Toyota is better than other manufacturing companies in Pakistan and that is the reason the demand of Toyota cars is more than others. You can add some more money into your budget in order to purchase Toyota Passo because it is way better than any above given cars in Pakistan.

The purpose of writing this article to let our readers know about the cars in 2 million budgets. So, if you are willing to purchase a new car in Pakistan and have 20 lacs than, you can go for any of these cars. Some of these have auto transmission systems while others have manual transmission systems. For more details on new cars in Pakistan, you can explore this website and find the best car in Pakistan.