BMW i8 Price in Pakistan 2023 Interior Average Per Litre Fuel Tank Capacity

The iconic, wonderful, and unique style BMW i8 car for car lovers is available in Pakistan. So, if you want to know about the BMW i8 Price in Pakistan 2023 Interior Average Per Litre Fuel Tank Capacity and mileage of this car, you are at the right place. BMW is a reliable car maker company that provides lavish and fancy cars with new technology features for all the latest technology car lovers. So, if you are one car lover to own the ultramodern unique and new technology in cars in Pakistan, you are on the right platform. You will get the BMW i8 Price in Pakistan 2023 with all eye-catching features and a collection of BMW cars. So, the latest model of BMW i8 with all specs prices, and features are discussed here.

The dream car of every one car lover BMW i8 is in different colors and variants. So, the availability of BMW i8 dynamic concept with different variants from BMW i3 to the BMW i8 roadster model with hybrid features and specifications. As the BMW i8 is attractive due to its eye-catching and lavish look. So, everyone loves to drive this BMW hybrid car in his life.

BMW i8 Price in Pakistan specs

But it is important and necessary to know about the features, specs, interior, and exterior of the car before purchasing. In fact, the person must familiar with the necessary information about the car that will make enthusiasts buy. However, the most important thing is to know about the price ranges.

BMW i8 Price in Pakistan 2023 Interior Average Per Litre Fuel Tank Capacity

The BMW new hybrid sports car is imported variants from Japan, China, and other countries in use. So, the price of this car, as well as availability, is in big cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi Islamabad, etc. So, the BMW lovers can buy from the sellers in used with two variants. Such as BMW i8 Coupe and BMW i8 Roadster variants in use. So, the prices will decide on the basis of conditions and running mileage of the car as well as current status and model. However, the general price of BMW i8 Coupe and BMW i8 Roadster is available here.

BMW i8 Price in Pakistan new concept

BMW i8 Price in Pakistan 2023

Here are the prices of the i8 variants which are available in used in Pakistan. However, by the suppliers, the customers can negotiate the price. But this is approximate that the lover of BMW should have estimated.

BMW-i8 Variant BMW Price in PKR
BMW i8 Roadster32,000,000/-
BMW i8 Coupe49,720,000/-

BMW i8 Specs & features

The specs and features of the BMW i8 are available in the below table. So, you can check the specs of this outstanding car here.

Specs & features
Engine  Displacement (cc)1499 cc
Fuel typeHybrid Petrol / Automatic
Fuel Tank Capacity42-litre
Mileage10 to 13 KM/ LITER
Power and Torque3700rpm
Max PowerMax Power
Seating Capacity4
Body TypeHybrid

 BMW i8 Interior key Features

BMW i8 interior features

Generally, the BMW variants have a single petrol engine of 1499 cc. However, this car has 3 cylinders and four seats. On the other hand, the BMW i8 has hybrid functionality. In this way, they can drive on fuel at the same time automate. So, the body of this car is hybrid and ground clearance. Besides, the car has both functionalities of an air conditioner and heating system. So, the rider can control the temperature inside the car. However, if we talk about the comfort and convenience of this car, the car has power steering and front windows.

BMW i8 interior breaks cover

But the important thing of the power steering is adjustable. In fact, the car has automatic climate control and air quality control functions. You can open the lid of fuel with a remote and check the warning light of low fuel. However, the interior parts are covered with a glove compartment, digital clock, and leather seats. In fact, the front seats are electric and adjustable.

BMW i8 exterior key Features

BMW i8 Price in Pakistan

However, if we talk about the exterior features of the BMW i8 car, it has fog lights in the front and rear. In fact, the adjustable headlights and power exterior rearview mirror. This car has a folding rearview mirror as well as a rain-sensing wiper to swipe automatically. The tinted glass and sunroof with outside view mirror turn indicators. On the other hand, the boy of this car is hybrid and in multiple colors. So, you can get this car in red, yellow as well as black and white. Besides, the passenger Side Rear View Mirror and Seat Belt Warning functions are included.

BMW i8 Average Per Litre Fuel Tank Capacity

The i8 has a meager Fuel Tank Capacity 42-litre fuel tank and the mileage per litre of the BMW i8 is 47.45 km/liter. Besides, the best observation can be gotten by the professionals regarding the actual mileage of this new model car. However, to covering the long distances on motorways with the i8 variant will give a high economy hybrid nature for the long drive. In fact, the indicator of the fuel level will alert the rider about the fuel capacity and covered distance under the fuel consumption.

FAQs of BMW i8 Roadster & Coupe

Is the BMW i8 easily available in Pakistan?

Yes, the BMW i8 variants and model are available in Pakistan. So, the car lovers of BMW can easily get this bike from the top-rated showrooms and suppliers. However, you can check the details at

How many Variants are available of BMW i8 in Pakistan?

There are actually two variants of the BMW i8 in Pakistan. So, the BMW i8 Coupe on the other hand BMW i8 Roadster. So, the prices of these variants are available in this post. In this way, check the above section to know about the price of these two variants in Pakistan.

Can the BMW i8 be easily repairable in Pakistan?

Yes, in Pakistan there are big showrooms as well as the care services place that are proving the service of repairing in big cities of Pakistan.

What is the low price of BMW i8 variants in Pakistan?

Actually, there are two variants of the BMW i8 in Pakistan. In this way, the price of these variants is up to 3 crore.