ATV Bike Price In Pakistan 2023 Specification and Features

The ATV Bike manufacturers are offering the different variants and models of ATV Quad bikes in Pakistan. Basically, the 4 wheeler bikes are best for all adults, youth, and children. Because the manufacturers of ATV quad are providing this bike in different sizes and specs. So, the kids can also enjoy the ride of this bike from the age of 6 or 7 years old. However, the riders can use this bike for thrilling, fun, sporting, as well as agricultural and other off-road purposes. Besides, the ATV Bike Price In Pakistan 2023 is available here. So, you can check the available 4 Wheeler Bikes in Pakistan Prices 2023 Specs and details in this post.

Basically, different companies are providing ATV type 4 wheeler bikes in Pakistan. So, there are main companies that are providing the ATV type 4 wheeler bikes which are Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki. But, in Pakistan, there are also Quad bikes available mad in china in low prices. So, customers who can maintain the china bike can buy at low prices.

ATV Bike Price In Pakistan 2023 Specification & Features

Quads bikes are not very popular in Pakistan in fact, people do not buy them. Therefore, these quad bike bikes are not road legal and cannot be registered or used on the roads. However, the reason can be the low popularity of this bike in the market. But in the future, the companies can focus on registering it for road legal.

Best Companies of Quad Bikes In Pakistan

The latest models of 4 Wheeler Bikes are available in Pakistan 2023 with Specs and features. So, there are multiple manufacturers of ATV Quad bikes. However, we are mentioning the best company names here. So, they provide high-quality materials for their bikes in Pakistan.

  • ATV Quad Bikes/ 4 wheeler bikes
  • Honda 4 wheeler bikes
  • Suzuki 4 wheeler bikes
  • Yamaha Quad Bikes

ATV Bike Price In Pakistan

There are other local companies also available in Pakistan that provide ATV Quad bikes. But for the high-quality 4 wheeler bikes, ATV, Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki are the best in Pakistan.

There are different vendors and sellers of ATV bikes in Pakistan. In fact, there are online stores that offer the ATV & Quad bikes 50cc, 70cc, and 125cc online. So, customers can purchase ATV bikes all over Pakistan. In this way, the ATV Bike price in Pakistan 2023 is available here.

ATV Bike / 4 Wheeler BikePrice In Pakistan
ATV250cc Water Cooled Engine350,000/- PKR
 ATV Quad Bike 250cc Auto Engine 320,000/- PKR
ATV Quad Dragon Model 125cc200,000/- PKR
 ATV Quad 125cc160,000/- PKR
ATV Quad Bike 70cc120,000/- PKR

The above are the latest prices of different engine types of bikes in the ATV Quad series. In this way, you can choose any of them according to your interest and preference. However, the main differences in the prices between these are the basis of the bike engine as well as the size. In fact, their parts are also sometimes different with different specifications. Besides, the Maintenance, as well as the spear parts, are easily available in the market to replace and repair.

ATV Bike Price In Pakistan specs features

Engine Types of ATV Quad Bike In Pakistan

However, the verities of ATV Quad bikes are available from 48cc to 250cc engine-wise in Pakistan. So, the different companies provide the different engine types and specifications. But all ranges are best for riders. In this way, the main engine types of ATV bikes are here.

  • 250cc Auto engine / Water Cooled Engine
  • 125cc Auto engine
  • 70cc Auto engine
  • 50cc Auto engine

According to these engines type, the prices are available in the above section from high to low. So, you can check the latest price of ATV Bikes from the above table. Moreover, the specifications and features are available here.

ATV Bikes Specs and Features

EngineAuto/ Water Cooled / Air-cooled 4-StrokeAuto Air-cooled 4-StrokeAuto 4-Stroke
MotorFuel EngineFuel-EngineFuel Engine
Top speed85 to 100 KM/h60 to 70 KM/h30 to 45 KM/h
StartSelf-startSelf-startSelf-start/ Kick start
Gear1 back 3 front1-3 gear1 back 3 front
BreaksFront/Back Drum/ Hydraulics BreaksFront /Back BreaksFront/Back Breaks
Fuel typePetrol-TankPetrolPetrol
SeatsSingle-seat + Back Safety CarrierSingle-seat+Back Safety CarrierSingle-seat +Back Safety Carrier
TiresTubeless TyresTubeless-TyresTubeless Tyres
LightsSports-Lights Six LedSports Led LightsSports Led Lights

ATV Bikes Key Features:

These category bikes have big tubeless Tyres that can run able on rough places. In fact, in any dirty place, this bike can easily run. So, we can call it a dirt bike that can run on both plain and dirt roads. On the other hand, the safety measurements are high to drive this bike for kids as well as Youngers. However, these bikes have sporty flashlights in which you can drive at night time to enjoy your ride. Basically, these bikes have a front and bake breaks system as well as a front and back gear system. So, you can reverse this bike with one gear. In this way, there is a back safety carrier in almost all models.

ATV Bike Price In Pakistan key features and specs

FAQs of ATV Quad Bikes

Which Company Makes 4 Wheeler Quad Bikes?

There are some major companies like ATV manufacturers as well as Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki providing four-wheeler Bikes. So, these brands offer different models of 4 wheeler Quad bikes with different specifications. In fact, there are new models available for kids, youth, and adults in the market.

Where are Available ATV Quad Bikes In Pakistan?

In almost all big cities of Pakistan, ex-factories and vendors are available to provide 4 wheeler bikes and ATV bikes. In Lahore city Mall Road, the Subhan enterprises ATV Quad bikes are providing all verity of 4 wheeler bikes and ATV bikes. However, there are online stores that also provide delivery services all over the country. Besides, you can check details at

ATV Bikes review:

These bikes are usually thrilling, sporting, fun, and important for kids and disabled people. Besides, the use of this bike can be in agricultural fields and rough roads. However, overall this bike is good if your house is far away from the plain roads. On the other hand, the safety measurements of this bike are excellent to drive this bike. One more thing is that ATV bikes are available in 2 wheelers bikes and 4 wheelers bikes. So, you can buy 2 wheelers bike as well in Pakistan.  However, you can explore more bikes specification prices and details from Lariada’s official website.