Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2023

It’s a very helpful bike in Pakistan for those people Who are worried about patrolling expensive. It’s present in Pakistan at a small amount price. If we look from my point of view, I would like to say you must prefer it because is very comfortable than other motorcycles bikes. Here you will come to know about the jolta electric bike price in Pakistan specifications. There are many typical types of E-bike across the world. But they typically fall into two major categories. First Jolta bike helps the riders with the pedal, and second, it looks very awesome. If you are worried about this price, so I will say you don’t worry because it highly recommends in the whole world because it contains many specific characteristics, and require minimal maintenance.

The price of the jolta electric bike range in Pakistan is nearly Rs. 89,000. So, if we look at my point of view this electric bike price is good because it contains many useful features which are very helpful for us. They also have other features no clutch and no gear and low maintenance. So, these motorcycles are energy efficient and can charge overnight. In fact, here we will discuss the information on the power range, speed, guarantee, safety, and speed of Pakistan’s first electric bike jolta JE-70D. However, if you want to know other bikes price, visit Lariada home page.

JE 70D SE Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

Features and Benefits of Jolta Electric Bike

Firstly, the charging time of the Jolta Eclectic bike JE 70D SE is approximate 5 hours. But, preferably suggested charging this bike at night time. However, in the place of the engine, there is an electric motor/battery to work as an engine alternatively. Basically, this is the best thing to put the motor in the place of the engine. So, the benefit of this new invention is to save money. In fact, the customers spend on the maintenance of the engine every month.

Basically, the main thing is the price of petrol in Pakistan which is increasing day by day. So, the owner of the e-bike is far away from the petrol pump to spend money on the oil. Besides, it will save your money to inject the petrol and other maintenance like oil changing expenditures.

JE 70D SE Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan black

In the speedometer, there is a speed control button to manage the speed on high medium, and low. So, if you will run the bike at low speed, it will give you up to 80KM mileage after complete charge. However, on the medium speed, the millage is 60KM and on the low speed, the millage will be 40KM.

Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 All Model Price

Jolta Electric Bike JE 70D SE price:120,000 PKR
Jolta Electric Bike JE 70D 129,000 PKR
Jolta Electric Bike JE-Scooty
1,40,000 PKR

Jolta Electric JE-Scooty Price in Pakistan

JE-SCOOTY Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

Jolta Electric Bikes All Model Technical Specifications

The specs of the Jolta Electric Bike JE-70D SE, JE-70D, and JE-SCOOTY are enlisted here from the official form.

Top Speed on plain road55 KM/h50 KM/h60 KM/h
Top speed on Inclined Road10-20 KM/hour10-20 KM/hour20-30 KM/hours
Battery Power20 AH20AH20 AH
Battery Charging TimeOvernight/5-6 HoursOvernightOvernight/5-6 Hours
Motor Power1000 W1000W1000 W
Unit Consumption per Charge1.5 Units1.5 Units1.8 Units
Millage Per Charge80 Kilometers80Kilometers80 Kilometers
Battery InstalledDry BatteryDryBatteryDry Battery

Warranty of Jolta Electric Bikes

Basically, the company provides 6 months of electric parts and functions to fix the problems free of cost. But if any part of the bike is damaged by the customer, it is not in the condition of warranty. So, the customer will charge the amount of part to repair it.


In fact, the company provides the warranty of all-electric parts running up to 3000 KM of e-bike. So, you can claim any issue within these two conditions.

Weak Points & Improvements of Jolta Electric Bike

  • Firstly, here are some weak points observed by the customers to improve as well as for better performance and importance.
  • So, the speedometer of this bike is disconnectable, the customer can re-sale it as a zero meter bike which is an unfair thing.
  • So, to maintain the look of bikes like old bikes, there is a fuel tank which is not necessary. Instead of the fuel tank, there should be an electric storage box to give more battery millage than 80Kmh. Then it will be useful for a long drive.
  • If this bike is engine free electric bike, then the fuel tank and clutch lever are useless. So, the company should replace it with batteries for a better millage.
  • However, there are different switches to on the meter and start the bike. But there should be one switch to on the meter at the same time start bike.
  • The electric bike has no pickup level to speed up quickly. Its speed will increase smoothly because it does not have a gear system and a high acceleration pick system.
  • You can stop or stand on a sloppy point or place. Because it does not have a control system to stop it when it will off. So, you need to stand this bike on a flat or plane place.
  • Currently, it is not a very good bike to travel from city to city due to the battery millage. But, hopefully, in the future, it can be better to travel for a long drive.

FAQs By Customers about Electric Bikes

What is Jolta Electric Bike Warranty in Pakistan?

The company provides a warranty on the bike’s electric parts up to 3000 KM or 6 months. So, in this duration, customers can claim any issue of the electric parts from the company free of cost to repair. So, after the claim duration, you will pay for any issue according to the price.

Are Electric Bikes better than Fuel/Petrol Bikes?

The electric bikes are better than the other bikes in some conditions which are:

  • These bikes are pollution-free bikes.
  • In fact, these bikes are fuel-free bikes in which the price of fuel is increasing day by day.
  • However, these E-bikes have fewer parts to spend money on for repairs.
  • In fact, these Electric bikes are noiseless and smoke-free bikes.

What is Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan?

The current price of Jolta Eclectic JE70D SE is 93,500 PKR. However, in the ex-showrooms of Pakistan, the price is different from 89,500 to 1,10,000 PKR on different models. So, the advantages and disadvantages of this bike with all specifications are on available.

What is the difference between Electric bikes and Other bikes?

The main difference between the electric bike as compared to the other bikes is to works on batteries. On the other hand, the bikes run on fuel or petrol to cover the distance. Another main difference between the e-bike between other bikes is that this bike does not have any engine to spend money on maintenance, oil change expenses as well as filter change, and so on. But the other bikes have these things to maintain the service of the bike.


In conclusion, we try to mention all models of jolta Electric bikes. So, you can check both sides of this bike. However, if you have any queries about these models of electric bikes, you can comment below. But, if you find it useful please mention it as well to help us.