Best Engine Oil For 125cc Bike In Pakistan In Winter 2023

There are various engine oils are available in the market but we are suggesting you the best engine oil for a 125cc bike in Pakistan in winter 2023. Those who are having 125cc motorcycles are very conscious about engine care and of course, the oil plays a vital role in it. Winter is so cold and lubricant got thicker than the normal form which results in damaging the clutch plates and other engine parts. So at first about engine care, you must have to buy the best engine oil suitable for your 125 bikes. Your bike will run smoothly and soundlessly if the engine oil is flowing through the engine parts. And that is only possible if you are aware of the “W” terms in Engine oil i.e. 5W, 10W, 20W, 30W, and so on. Below this passage, I am telling you about how to choose the best motor oil.

When you are going to choose the perfect motor oil for your 125 cc bike what do you have to check at first? Of course the viscosity ratio of that lubricant you are going to insert in the motor. The viscosity means how thick the oil is or it is thin. And then you will choose perfectly according to the weather. Such as in winters the lubricants became thicker which is hard to flow easily through the engine parts. So in winters, the thinner oil will suit your bike in the best form but that might not suit in the summer. You can decide the thickness with the number of “W” on the oil bottle.

Best Engine Oil For 125cc Bike In Pakistan In Winter 2023

Best Engine Oil For 125cc Bike In Pakistan In Winter 2021

Price: Rs. 600 to 700 aprx

125cc Bikes in Pakistan:

  • Honda CG 125
  • Yamaha 125
  • United 125
  • Ravi 125
  • Hero 125
  • Metro 125
  • Road Prince 125

What Is Meant By “W” in Engine Oil Bottle?

When you visit an engine oil shop, you see writing different numbers with W on the oil bottle. Do you know what this term actually represents? Let me explain. The W stands for winter and the number before it such as 10W, 20W or anyone represents the viscosity ration in winter. As much as the number with W is higher as much as the oil will be thicker. Correspondingly the lower number with W such as 5 W or 10 W represents the less viscous oil.

Our Opinion:

Well, I am also having a United US 125 Deluxe motorbike which is really awesome. Previously I was satisfied with Caltex Havoline 20W-40 but due to the big corruption in Caltex from local manufacturers, I was much disappointed with it. Now I am using Kixx Ultra 4T 10W-40 for winter 2023. It is going very well for clutch plates and gearbox. Now the bike is running pretty well with no sounds and I have never seen any issue in its production point. It’s 100% original and genuine but I would suggest you buy from authorized dealers. Ok now tell us what do you think of it? Must share your opinions with us in the comments. Thank You!