Best Tyre For Honda Cg 125 In Pakistan Front Rear Price

I am sharing the list of the Best Tyre For Honda Cg 125 In Pakistan Front Rear Price with specifications. If you are an owing a king of roads 125 and you are seeking the best rear tire for Honda 125 tyre for front wheel. We are suggesting you some of the best options for you. Although there are lots of local and imported companies in Pakistan. These companies are also offering different products especially for the most use able model of bikes the One Hundred and Twenty Five (125 cc).

Some people doesn’t prefer a company and have the opinion about any tire could meet their requirements. And each company is producing the best quality tire. But it is not true, yes of course because the best company can produce the best product in the market. They can afford the material and their plants of producing are also having bigger machinery for the production purpose. That is why all the time we brings the best and the top suggestions for you when we are talking about the best one.

Best Tyre for Honda CG 125 In Pakistan

Check Below New Rates Honda 125

Of course there are lots of tire manufacturers companies working in Pakistan. All they are producing 6ply and 8ply tires with different guarantee time periods. But remember that you can’t rely on any product which is not even famous for the general public. We are having the best suggestions for you that you can avail through the market.

  • General Tire 6 and 8 ply
  • Services Tyres 6 Ply
  • Panther Tyres 6 PR and 8 PR

Honda 125 Tire Size:

The Honda 125 tire size for front and rear wheels is standard. And you are informed that if you are using a 125cc bike of any company. You can even buy these tires for any other company 125cc bike. But you must keep check that the wheel or rim size must be as follows

Honda 125 Front Wheel Size

Tyre Size2.50-18 F
PR6 or 8 ply
Tyre Weight with Tolerance GMS1845+-7%
SEC Width MM65
Load Speed Index42 P
Max Pressure PSI45
Max Pressure KPA310

Honda 125 Rear (Back) Wheel Size

Motor Cycle Type125 CC
Tyre Size3.00-17 R
PR6 and 8 Ply
Tyre Weight with Tolerance GMS2710+-7%
SEC Width MM77
Load Speed Index45 P
Max Pressure PSI32
Max Pressure KPA220

Price Of Best Tyre for Honda CG 125 In Pakistan:

Now about the most important topic is the best tyre for Honda CG 125 in Pakistan price. And we would like to tell you that the company is associated with the Daraz for online buying a tire. While for the physical shop you can even visit your nearest tire shop. These tires are easily available in the market and their price range in different areas is different according to city wise. But according to an estimate you can buy Honda 125 front tire in price range up to 2000/- while the Honda 125 rear tire price range is up to 2000-2500. But the correct price you can visit on shop.

Best Tyre For Honda Cg 125 In Pakistan Front Rear Price

Since we have suggest you the best tyre for Honda CG 125 in Pakistan front rear price. I have written down the specification for both the front and the rear wheel and I am sure you have taken for what you are finding online. I hope you have taken the best outcomes about what you were searching. While if you have any suggestions about the best honda 125 tire in Pakistan then you must share your comment in the following comments section. Or in case, you are having any query or question regarding this post you can also ask from again through comments section below. Thank You…!