Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan Feathers and Battery Capacity

The dialogue change is not coming, change has come is applying on motorbikes. We know the prices of petrol are increasing day by day, at the same time the technology is improving in Pakistan. The new trend of electric bikes is grabbing popularity in the market. Therefore, the Road King Motorcycle company has launched electric bikes in the market. But they are already providing petrol bikes for the last two years. However, they decide to facilitate the customers with new innovations of electric bikes. In this way, we are discussing here the Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan specifications and features. So, you can read this article to know about the availability in Pakistan and price.

Road King Electric Bike Variants

Basically, the Road King Motorbikes Company is manufacturing the three variants of Electric bikes in Pakistan. In this way, these variants are similar to petrol bikes but with the change of electric functionality. So, these variants are listed here.

  • Road King Electric Bike 70 E
  • Road-King Electric Bike Deluxe 70 E
  • Road King Electric Bike 100 E

Basically, these variants are similar to 100cc and 70cc bikes. Even the speed of these bikes is also the same with respect to the engine bikes. So, we are providing the price of these bikes according to the variants. In this way, you can check here the Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan.

Road King Bike price in Pakistan

Road King Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

Here you can check the price of the Road King Electric Bike with respect to the variants. So, the prices are listed in the below table.

Road King Electric Bike Variants

Price in Pakistan

Road King Electric Bike 70 ERs. 103,500/-
Road-King Electric Bike Deluxe 70 ERs. 110,000/-
Road King Electric 100 ERs. 130,000/-

There are many distributors of this bike in almost all cities of Pakistan. So, you can easily buy this bike from the showroom near to you. Besides, the parts of this bike are almost the same as the petrol bikes. So, there is not any difficulty to find the special parts of this bike. However, Road King Electric bikes have limited parts with zero maintenance. So, there is no need to change the parts on monthly basis. However, the features of this bike are listed below.

Road King Electric Bike Key Features

  • Covers 100 Kilometer with one charge.
  • Fast Charge system to full charge within 2 to 3 hours.
  • The cost of charge is one to two units.
  • Self-start system.
  • To keep your necessary documents and gadgets in the fuel tank.
  • Dray and lithium Battery.
  • 5 years warranty of lithium battery.
  • One year warranty of dray battery.
  • LED front and rear lights.
  • Autostart system with Key.
  • Battery Capacity indicator to check the mileage.
  • Hydraulic Shocks.
  • Rear Tyre brake system.

Road King Electric Bikes Overview

Road king Electric Bike in Pakistan

Basically, the company is providing this bike with a lithium Dry Battery and hydraulic shocks to ride in rough and covey places. In this way, the company manufactures the three variants, 70 cc, deluxe 70 cc, and 100 cc electric bikes in Pakistan.

As the customers demand LED lights for the front and rear, so, these bikes have LED lights and hydraulic shocks. Besides, the max speed of 70cc is about 80 to 90 km/h. On the other hand, the 100 cc bike has more than 110 km/h speed. So, these bikes are good competitors of the fuel bikes in speed as well.

However, the company is providing the dry battery with one year warranty and lithium with a five-year warranty. Moreover, the bike has an auto-start system and indicator of battery storage with a mileage of 20 to 30 KM/h. However, the full charge battery capacity is 100 KM.

As the customers ask about the fuel tank replacement with battery, but in the fuel tank, you can put your documents and necessary things. The companies mainly design the fuel tank to save your documents and other necessary things in it.


But the company is claiming that they will improve to put all those things related to charging the battery automatically. Actually, this bike has a fast-charging system to charge within 2 to 3 hours with the cost of one or two units. In this way, you can charge this bike quickly to fill the battery charge. So, the Road King bike is available in all cities of Pakistan. In this way, you can purchase from any distributer of Road King Electric Bike supplier.