Motorway New E Challan System To Pay Immediately On Interchange

Today you will study the Motorway new e challan system to pay immediately on interchange while exiting the motorway. National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) has now updated their system towards online from manual slip system. They have upgraded the previous system in which the violator has to pay the e-challan at his/ her vehicle’s address through a postal e-challan. Although the system was online but was so time taking for the recovery. Moreover, the previous e-challan system was not as efficient as the new one is. By reading this article you will get to know what is meant by “TO Pay Immediately on interchange (toll plaza).

Since the online computerized system has intricate our daily life in any matter of life, then why no the traffic system is? Under the view of this idea, the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) took a step in designing the motorway new e challan system. Before this new PITB challan system, the NH&MP used to issue a fine on a challan slip. And a violator has to pay that challan while exiting from the motorway from any interchange. But now the conditions are totally different and the new one is listed below.

What Is The Motorway New E Challan System?

The Motorway new e challan system is to pay immediately on interchange. It means whenever a driver offense the motorway driving rules and regulations, the cameras pointed there will capture that violation and will automatically generate a violation ticket. This ticket will be forwarded to the nearest patrolling officer and the officer will grab your vehicle on the roadside.

The officer will print out that challan ticket via mobile Bluetooth printer and will be handed it over to the violator on the spot. The vehicle will not be allowed to exit the motorway until they pay that challan fees on the point.

Motorway New E Challan System To Pay Immediately On Interchange

How to Pay New Motorway E-Challan?

The method to pay for new motorway e-challan is very simple, easy, and online. This system allows you to pay cash or transfer online via mobile Jazz cash account, easy paisa account, bank account transfer, or any other cash sharing system registered in Pakistan.

If in case you are not having cash on the sop, then you can pay through your android mobile phone application. Or in the worst case, someone is out of pocket and even there is no cash is available in his or her account then the vehicle will be stocked there at the motorway and extra-fine charges will affect that challan ticket.

Pros and Cons of This System:

First, let’s talk about the pros, and I would like to tell you that the motorway new e challan system is very time efficient. Such as, if you have to pay the challan at the toll plaza (interchange) you will have to face the long lines of traffic jams. Secondly in that method, you were not satisfied with the violation offense.  But when there is a computer involved is in the matter then no one can negotiate the charged challan.

Now if we talk about the Cons, then they are very linnet because there could be the lake of a patrolling officer there on the spot. Secondly, if someone will not have money in his pocket or account he will not take any time or date due.

Hence the details about Motorway new e challan system to pay immediately on interchange. Hope you have taken all for what you are finding here. Just be in tune with this page and keep on reading this article for taking the further details which are very important for you to get further details.