9 Seater Rickshaw Price In Pakistan 2023 Specifications, Seller Location

You want to earn better with passenger services? The 9 Seater Rickshaw Price In Pakistan 2023 Specifications, Seller Location will be in your favor. There are some local and Chinese companies in Pakistan producing 9 seater auto rickshaws under 2 lakh rupees. If you are also intending to have such a unique and profitable product within your price budget range then I am going to suggest to you what would be the best variant for you. Before that, I would like to make you aware of its legal rules and regulations to travel on the road.

So it will be a commercial passenger vehicle with unique specifications. So the government has set some rules and regulations in this regard. One can’t travel his 9 seater rickshaw near areas of cant. Moreover, because the vehicle is not a heavy category so one can take it on the ring road or motorway. These rickshaws are just designed for passengers inside the city. Secondly, if someone wants to convert his rickshaw with alteration and that is detected will be strictly illegal from the concerned traffic police officer. Now just keep on reading to get further specifications about the nine-seat auto-rickshaw in Pakistan.

9 Seater Rickshaw Price In Pakistan 2023

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Nowadays there are different companies that are available in the market who are offering 9 seater rickshaw in Pakistan. Remember that the vehicle has to push a handsome load of nine persons so the engine power must be more than 150cc. And the 200cc will be the best engine power variant and the options we are providing you are maximum 200cc so let’s start taking access to our best option we could have for our usage.

Nine Seater Rickshaw Manufacturers In Pakistan:

  • Tez Raftar 9 Seater Rickshaw
  • New Asia 9 Seater Auto Rickshaw
  • Stahlco 9 seater Auto Rickshaw
  • Sazgar 9 Seater Auto Rickshaw

Tez Raftar 9 Seater Rickshaw:

One of the best auto rickshaw manufacturers of Pakistan is Tez Raftar. They are now selling their successful model of 9 seater passenger cab rickshaw. It is easily available in the following specifications so just read the following details for its engine power details. While if you want to buy it then you can buy it in Rs. 275, 000/- PKR from the market.

9 Seater Rickshaw Price In Pakistan Specifications, Seller Location

Engine Displacement: 200cc
Engine Type: 4-stroke, water cooling
Front Brake: Mechanical, Leather
Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Type
Seating Capacity: 10
Cabin 81” x 52” x 15”/ 61”/75”
Color Options Yellow
Loading Capacity 550-65000 KGs
Fuel Power CNG and Petrol
Seats Fabric Shine aesthetic leather with a waterproof cover

New Asia 9 Seater Auto Rickshaw:

Now another best option for us to have a 9 seater rickshaw in Pakistan is New Asia autos. You can have again a 200 cc auto cab which is enough to travel to the 9 passengers. And if you talk about its price range then you can buy this product in Rs. 255, 000/- PKR which is cheaper than the above-given product.

Manufacturer New Asia Autos
Rickshaw Type Passenger
Assembly Local
Fuel Power CNG/ Petrol
Engine Displacement 200 cc
Engine Type 4 Stroke water-cooled
Cabin 81” x 52” x 15”/ 61”/75”
Color Options Yellow
Loading Capacity 2000 KGs
Payload capacity 600-700KGs

Stahlco 9 Seater Auto Rickshaw:

According to my opinion, the STAHLCO 9 seater rickshaw will be the best option for you. You can have a heavy-duty auto-rickshaw with good engine power and quality. The officials have not given its price online but according to an estimate, it will be available to you a little expensive than the above products. But the quality and the company response will be better for you.

9 Seater Rickshaw Price In Pakistan STAHLCO

Seating Capacity   9 Seater (Included Driver)
Engine Type   4 Stroke Petrol
Cooling Type   Water Cooled Engine
Displacement   200cc
Maximum Power   18.8 HP
Maximum Torque   20.5 NM
Ignition Type   CDI
Transmission Type   Manual Shift (4 Fwd. + 1 Rev.)
Clutch Type   Multi-Plate Wet Type
Battery   12V, 30 Amp
Head Light   35W 12V
Horn   82-85 DB
Chassis Type   Steel Ladder Pipe Frame Structure
Maximum Payload   500 kg
Front Suspension   Coil/Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Rear Suspension   Leaf Spring / Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Front Tyre Size   135.10 (10 Ply Rating)
Front Brake   Mechanical Drum Type
Rear Brake   Hydraulic Disc Brake
Overall Length   2610mm
Overall Width   1290mm
Overall Height   1790mm
Wheel Base   1900mm
Turning Radius   4.8m (16ft)
Ground Clearance   140mm
Gross Weight   490 kg
CNG & LPG System   Optional
Colors   Red, Yellow, Green, White, Brown

Sazgar 9 Seater Rickshaw:

Now in the last, the best 9 seater rickshaw is manufactured by the Sazgar auto company Pakistan. They are also providing you the 200cc auto rickshaw under a 3 lakh budget. With this investment, you can earn more than 50, 000/- PKR per month easily with the work of 5 to 6 hours a day. And you can increase your earnings along with increasing your time. So visit the specifications about its further details which will interact you with this product.

9 Seater Rickshaw Price In Pakistan Sazgar

Component Specifications Component Specifications
Technical Specifications for Tempo Delivery Van (Export Model)
Engine Type 4 Stroke Water Cooled Front Suspension Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Engine Brand Original Brand Rear Suspension Leal Spring Shock Absorber
Displacement (cm3/cc) 197cc/225cc Front Type Size 10.35-Pr
Bore x Stroke (mm) 67mm x 62mm Petrol Mileage 32km/L / 28km/L
Power 11.58KW@7055 RPM/12.6KW@7055 RPM Front Brake Drum Mechanical
Max. Torque 16 NM Rear Brake Hydraulic Drum Type
Fuel CNG/Gasoline No of Gear 4+1
Ignition Type COI Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 Liters
Tires 10PR 1-35*12 Max Speed 95 km/hour
Transmission Type Rear Engine Axle 5+1 Overall Length 3290 mm
Clutch Type Multi Plates Wet Type Overall Width 1245 mm
Electrical System 12V DC Overall Height 1795 mm
Head Light 35W 12V Wheel Base 1995 mm
Horn 82-85 db Ground Clearance 145 mm
Chassis Type Pipe Frame Structure Gross Weight 370 Kg
Maximum Payload 400 Kg Minimum Turning Radius 21’5″

9 Seater Rickshaw Price In Pakistan 2023:

So these are the complete details about 9 Seater Rickshaw Price In Pakistan 2023 Specifications, Seller Location. I hope that you have taken the details about what you are finding online. In case you want to take some more updates about suggestions to buy the best product in the market then you must share your comments below. Or if you have your own suggestions then you must share that one below. Thank You.