12 Seater Auto Rickshaw Price in Pakistan Specification, Dealer Location

The commercial passenger business has gained a tendency among the general public. If you want to start a good profit business with just two or three lakh investment then you have to read this article about 12 seater auto rickshaw price in Pakistan specification, dealer location. Twelve seater means a big machine with big seating capacity and of course, its power trail will also be heavy to manage its loading capacity. In Pakistan, there are just a few rickshaw manufacturers who are working on producing maximum seating capacity rickshaws. Who is manufacturing these autos in the local market is all written on this page just keep on reading to get the details.

Auto Rickshaw business in Pakistan is a very great idea because one can easily own his vehicle. You will not only use this trail for the passenger’s purpose but also for the family’s purpose. Moreover, the quality of the product is also as good as you can have it for a long-lasting time duration. The company has designed these products with handsome material and powerful engine power so that one can obtain a perfect useful machine. Continue reading this article and get the further details which is very important for you to decide whether the decision you are taking is better for you or not.

12 Seater Auto Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2023 Specification, Dealer Location

For your kind information, I would like to tell you that there is just one company that is yet to manufacture the real 12 seater auto-rickshaw in Pakistan. All the others are actually altering the 10 seater rickshaw into 12 seaters. They are counting 12 persons as the nine persons will sit behind on seats in 3 x 3 x 3 pairs while the other three will be including the driver. As you can see in the image below, there are two seats are added on right and left sides of the driver in front. So this is actually the 12 seater rickshaw. You can buy the following products for this purpose.

Tez Raftar 12 Seater Rickshaw:

Well, here you are informed that the Tez Raftar auto rickshaw manufacturers are producing the twelve persons seating capacity. There will be 11 passengers and one will be the driver. You can read the details in the following table for the specifications.

12 Seater Auto Rickshaw Price in PakistanIt will cost you up to 3 Lakh after registration

12 Seater Auto Rickshaw Price in Pakistan Specification, Dealer Location


Engine Displacement:200cc
Engine Type:4-stroke, water cooling
Front Brake:Mechanical, Leather
Rear Brakes:Hydraulic Disc Type
Seating Capacity:10
Cabin81” x 52” x 15”/ 61”/75”
Color OptionsYellow
Loading Capacity550-65000 KGs
Fuel PowerCNG and Petrol
Seats FabricShine aesthetic leather with waterproof cover
  • For Dealer You Can Call (042) 37514814

So this is the only company yet that is producing the twelve-seater auto in Pakistan. You have obtained the details about 12 seater auto rickshaw price in Pakistan specification, dealer location. I hope you have taken the perfect product for which you were searching online. If you know any more products in this category then you must share details in the following commenting section. Or if we see that a product has launched in the market we will be the first to share that product with you.