Top 5 Best Pickup Trucks Alternatives In Pakistan 2023

We have gathered information from the local market about the top 5 best pickup trucks alternatives in Pakistan 2023 . You may have noticed that a few years back, the pickups were the best up-to-the-minute option for loading purposes. But nowadays a very few numbers of these trucks are seen on the road while the place has taken from the loader rickshaws. Am I writing? Of course! So that is why the company have chosen this topic to share with you. You have seen a big number of loading rickshaws moving around us such as Metro, Road Prince, Tez Raftar and there are lots of companies who have manufactured their products in loading lineup.

Top 5 Best Pickup Trucks Alternatives In Pakistan 2023

The best pickup truck alternative is loader rickshaw and we have five top loader rickshaws in the market you can buy in 2023 .

  1. Road Prince 150cc Loader
  2. Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw
  3. Metro 100cc Motorcycle Loader
  4. Sawari 150cc and 200cc
  5. United Loader Rickshaw

Loader Rickshaw Vs Pickup Truck

The major drawback of hiring a pickup is the expensive rates even if you have to carry a bed mattress from shop to home. On the other hand, if you hire a loading rickshaw it will cost half of a pickup fare. The second big point was the vehicle size. A pickup needs to be a handsome space of a minimum ten feet road to pass, while a loading rickshaw is very easy to move in narrow streets and it can be easily turned or get reverse. Similarly, there are lots of benefits of a loading rickshaw in front of a pickup truck. So we can call it the best alternative of a pickup in Pakistan.

Top 5 Best Pickup Trucks Alternatives In Pakistan 2021


Last year in 2020 we have seen that the loader rickshaws have grabbed the pickup van market. The demand for these loaders is getting higher and it would also be a handsome business as a sole proprietor. If you are also thinking to buy the best pickup alternative in Pakistan then continue reading this article. You will see that cost-efficient products are available in the market for those who are intending to buy a loader rickshaw while living in the market.

Our Opinion:

If you ask about our opinion about what is best among loader rickshaw or pickup, then I would first ask your usage and requirements. If you are going to move the households within a small distance then the loader is the best alternative to a pickup wagon. While in case of traveling long even from one city to another then the pickup will be the best option for you. But if we talk about the local market inside the streets then a loader has become the best alternative for you. What do you say about it? Must update us with your reviews using the comments below. There is a better option for cargo service? I am waiting for your suggestion in the comments. Thank you!