Zoomlion Tractor Price In Pakistan, Specifications, Mini, 12HP Review

Reading this article will give you the Zoomlion tractor price in Pakistan, specifications, Mini, 12HP review. The company has produced a number of farming machinery including mini-size tractors that are very cost-efficient and multitasking for a farmer. Within a very short period of time, this gadget has grabbed the needs of a common farmer who is farming on a small scale. If you are also a farmer and want to buy a low-budget tractor in Pakistan then Zoomlion mini tractor would be the best option for you. Lik John Deere 6j Series Tractor In Pakistan, the Zoomlion tractor are also having a lot of amazing features that can meet your requirements of harvesting. So just read this article and be aware of either this truck will full fill your requirements or not.

Zoomlion is a Chinese tractor manufacturing company that is now exporting its products in Pakistan. This company was inaugurated in 1992 and since that time they have produced various high-tech equipment in different areas of agriculture engineering. The aim of the company is to produce exceptional technology that could be utilized by everyone in a very affordable price range. It is because we are talking about the Zoomlion tractors then the mini variant is getting more acclaim by the Pakistani local market. There are lots of reasons behind, such as the economical approach for budgeted farmers, multitasking, powerful engine with four wheels, and lots more which is listed in a tabular form below.

Zoomlion Tractor Price In Pakistan:

The Zoomlion Company has manufactured eight tractors but they have yet introduced the Zoomlion Mini tractor in Pakistan. This truck is also known as China tractor which is now available in different price range at different locations and seller points. You can buy this variant in RS. 2 lakh to 3 lakh price range from their dealers. The initial worth of this vehicle was not as demanding in the market, but now because of the reliability by the general user, its demand is getting increased. So if you are a small farmer and have a mini-budget for buying your own farming tractor then never get late to buy. But I suggest you read the following table before paying the amount for it.

Zoomlion Mini Tractor Price In PakistanIt is available in the price range of RS. 2 to 3 lakhs

Zoomlion Tractor Price In Pakistan, Specifications, Mini, 12HP Review

Company Products:

Zoomlion has manufactured eight different tractors in its agriculture products. But all these tractors are not yet imported to Pakistan. These models are as below.

  • RS1504-F
  • RH1204
  • RK704-A
  • RC1104
  • RH1004-A
  • RH904-A
  • RH 1304
  • RK 754-A


The company has produced different tractors but yet the mini tractor is available in Pakistan is Zoomlion RC1104. So I am just writing the specifications of this product. As soon as I found any further updates about any new Zoomlion tractor in Pakistan I will update this page for your ease of information.

Horse PowerHP12HP
Dimension (L×W×H)mm4500×2035×2865
Min. operation weightkg4040
Min. ground clearancemm445
Rated powerkW81
Clutch type/double actingion
Brake type/Wet & disk type
Tyre   specification (front/reverse)/12.4-24/16.9-34
Hydraulic lifter type/Separated, position and floating control
Max. lifter forcekN19.5
Hydraulic output/2-way multi-unit valve
Hydraulic suspension system/II. Three-point rear suspension
Traction forcekN26.04
PTO speedr/min760/850, optional 540/1000
ROPS or Cabin/Cabin
Zoomlion Tractor Review:

The Zoomlion tractor review is gathered after what the customers have said about this product after buying it. No doubt this truck is as mini as in its size along with a very affordable price range. On the other side, if you see its price range then it is also affordable for an economy level small farmer. He can become the owner of his own tractor in just the price range of RS. 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs.

But if we talk about the quality of the product then it is not as tough and hard as a tractor should be. No doubt its engine can produce enough power for attaching all types of harvesters behind. But the body and the quality of the parts is just like a China bike and Honda bike contains. Overall if your usage is not as much as a professional farmer then it will be the best lenient option for you to have your own truck.

Zoomlion Tractor Dealer:

Zoomlion Pakistan – (Pvt) Ltd. is the official local subsidiary of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd in Pakistan. Its core objective is to promote Zoomlion products in the region along with localized after-sales support.

Address:  H 85/1, 30th street, Khayaban-E-Seher, DHA 6 Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan-74400

Website: http://en.zoomlion.com/
Contact Number: 0349 2066375/ 03007469122/ 03006233122

Yet I have discussed Zoomlion tractor price in Pakistan, specifications, Mini, 12HP review by the buyer. I hope you are fully consisting of my information. That is why I tried to write maximum correct information and market reviews. If you have any of your own suggestions you can add-in suggestions.