Al Ghazi 7056 Tractor 85HP 2023 Price In Pakistan, Specifications, Dealers List

You will get knowledge about New Holand Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor 85hp 2023 price in Pakistan, specifications, dealers list. It’s a four-wheel-drive 4WD tractor that is specially designed for agri-business needs. The big farmers who are seeking the use of a tractor in front of the thrasher and other agriculture machinery are openly challenged by the company to buy this product and test its power. The 85 horsepower produces the handsome power to manage the ramshackle muddy crops fields. You have to keep on reading this page for more details about NH Dabung 85 tractor prices in Pakistan.

Basically, mew Holland is a multinational agricultural vehicle manufacturer in fact has its plants in every country of the world. So, they have planted their business in Dera Ghazi Khan are known as the Al-Ghazi Tractors. Like Fiat, Messy, and Belarus tractors, Al-Ghazi tractors are also very famous. They have produced a different range of tractors for different usage of the farmers. So now for this time, we are talking about Al ghazi 70-56 tractor in Pakistan price and specifications. Continue this page by scrolling down for more information.

Al-Ghazi 7056 Tractor 85hp 2023 Price In Pakistan

Al-Ghazi 7056 Tractor 85hp Price In Pakistan

Basically, the company has not yet updated its price range for the new model. But generally, the price has increased. So now the New Holland Al Ghazi 7056 tractor 85hp 2023 price in Pakistan could cost up to Rs. 20 lakhs to 22 lakh with documents. However, if the company will update its price we will write on this page. So just stay with us and continue with respect to get further details. In fact, I would like to suggest that you must call the dealer for taking the latest price range.

Al-Ghazi 70-56 Tractor 2023 Specifications:

Basically, the following model of Al-Ghazi 70-56 tractor 2023 specifications have an 85hp, 4 Cylinder quality tractor, with hydrostatic power steering designed to meet the muddy requirements. Further, you can read the following table for further details.


A flywheel85 Hp


With 11.2 – 24 front tire 18.4/15 -30 rear tire hydraulic lift with three-point linkage square type fender with a flat top


New Holland 8045.05 Vertical, Water cooled, 4 cycle diesel                Direct injection, Naturally aspirated
Number of cylinders4
Bore and stroke104 x 115 mm
Piston displacement3,908 cc
Compression ratio17:1
Max. Torque at 1,500 RPM27 KM
Dry-type cylinder liners Cooling system: water-cooled Forced-feed lubrication system. Distributor-type fuel injection pump with a mechanical speed governor.


Dual plate, dry-type with separate controls (Pedal for transmission and hand lever for PTO)




Gearbox with constant-mesh gears Synchromesh on 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th speeds Double control lever, Differential with mechanically operated lock, spur gear final drives


Hydrostatic power steering With independent circuit


Fully independent, 540 RPM synchronized with gearbox 6 spline shaft
Lift-o-Matic, automatic, with the draft, position, and mixed control, draft control through the top link, pump capacity 34.5 L/min. (Max.) Relief Valve opening pressure, 190 kg /cm2 Automatic lifting and lowering device. Lowering Speed Adjustment and transport lock, Lifting capacity.


Deluxe, with parallelogram suspension and hydraulic shock absorber, adjustable to driver’s weight, reach, and height


Voltage: 12 volt, Starting Motor : 4HP, Alternator: 400W, Battery: 110/120 ah


Service: 4 multi-disc type, oil bath, mechanical control, simultaneous or independent operation.
Parking: Dependent, operating on service brakes, with a hand control lever and flashing warning light


Efficient and automatic hydraulic system with the latest technology of lift-o-Matic
Excellent Fuel consumption
Heavy-duty oil-cooled disc brakes
Adjustable and comfortable driver seat
Hydrostatic power steering
Advance and move the visible instrumental pane
Ease of engine hood for maximum access to engine service points

Al Ghazi 7056 Tractor 85HP 2021 Price In Pakistan, Specifications, Dealers List

Al-Ghazi 7056 Tractor 85hp Dealers List:

You can call on the following contact number or can also visit the address

Address: 10-KM Lahore – Sheikhupura – Faisalabad Rd, Kot Abdul Malik, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Punjab

Contact Number: (042) 37306821


Besides, here I have taken the details about New Holand Al-Ghazi 7056 tractor 85hp 2023 price in Pakistan, specifications, dealers list. What do you do with these details? so, you must share your reviews about NH Dabung 85 tractor prices in Pakistan. However, you can subscribe to this site for taking further details about any Al-Ghazi Tractor models in Pakistan released in Pakistan 2023.

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So as I have seen that the company has released a very handsome product for its users and I would suggest that it will meet the cultivating needs. So, you can also utilize this tractor with any other agriculture machinery like Potato Planter, Disc Plow, Ridger, Rotavator, and water pump. What do you say about it comment to us?