Honda 70cc Alternative In Pakistan 2023 Price, Specs, Review, Seller Location

We are suggesting you the best Honda 70cc alternative in Pakistan 2023 price, specs, review, seller location, and contact number. Atlas Honda has maintained its name in the local market for the motorcycle category. People loved their bikes due to their quality and reliability as well as the resale value is also higher. But if you see its price range then a Honda bike is expensive than any other bike in the market. So the purpose of writing this post is to suggest to our readers the best alternative of Honda 70 in Pakistan in the economy price range.

We are denoting you towards the locally manufactured 70cc bike in place of Honda 70. There are various local bike manufacturers are now working days in the local market. They have launched their different products but people do not rely on their quality. Although their price is less than a Honda bike still the public does prefers this company. But if your budget is less and you want to get some substitute then just read out this complete article and get that product which is meeting near Honda quality and features.

Honda 70cc Alternative In Pakistan 2023

The best Honda 70cc alternative in Pakistan 2023 is the Superpower 70cc bike in Pakistan. Yes of course! The superpower is the motorcycle flagship of the Pirani Group of Companies (PGC). PGC is the oldest and the biggest automobile manufacturers based in Karachi Pakistan. Their products are well equipped in quality within a very affordable price range. So if your budget is lower to buy a Honda 70 that costs up to 75000/- then you must go with SP 70cc as the best Honda 70c alternative in Pakistan 2023.

Honda 70cc Alternative In Pakistan 2021 Price, Specs, Review, Seller Location

SP 70cc Specs, Price, Features

There are two models of Superpower 70 bikes that have been launched in the market. These two models are SP Dollar 70, and SP Tokyo 70. We are telling you about both of these bikes. The price range of any of these bikes will cost you up to Rs. 50, 000/-. If you want to get the specifications of any of these bikes you can click on any of the following links to get explore them on a new page.

Where To Buy SP 70cc Bike

It is because the superpower is a Karachi-based motorcycle manufacturer company so that is why sometimes their products went short in Lahore or other cities. But if you will contact the following dealers then they will guide you with incorrect information regarding the availability of this bike.

  • Address: Kausar Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd 1-Km Rossa Bhail, Kot Radha Kishen Road, Off. Manga Raiwind Road, Lahore.
  • Contact Number: +92-42-35397044 to 045 | +92-333-1215977 to 978
  • Contact Person: General Manager |

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