Ghani 125cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 Latest Specifications

It is the latest manufactured vehicle in Pakistan. If you looking for this Ghani 125cc bike. So, it gives a good outlook to their customers in their beautiful vehicles. Here, we will describe the Ghani 125cc bike price in Pakistan 2023 fuel average specification. However, It looks like a heavy-duty bike in the market. Actually, the latest vehicle of this bike attracts the attention of people with its beautiful design look. It has many authentic colors in the market. Which gives a good look to this motorcycle. Basically, In competition with Honda and Yamaha, the Ghani company produces a new model vehicle in the market.

Because the price of this motorcycle is low than other bikes in the market. But the price of other bikes is very high. But, in a competition with another bike. The Ghani bike is good at a small cost price. By the way, it gives you all the features you can see in the Honda Yamaha and many others bikes. If we talk about the performance of this bike is also very good. So, If you want to take this bike, so, it is for you, you should buy it. So, many technical features are available in this motorcycle.

Ghani 125cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 Latest Specifications

Ghani 125cc Bike Price in Pakistan PKR 96,500/-

Ghani 125cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2023

Ghani 125cc bike & fuel average specification:

These bikes come in the market with the latest features, specs, and functions. By the way, this bike is not used on the road other than bikes. But, many times we can seen on the road. The fuel average of this bike is very good. If we look at the fuel tank capacity of this bike. So, it is around 10-litre petrol. It is a good petrol tank capacity. The maximum, you can travel on the road with one liter of petrol is 55km. if you are looking for this bike. so, you are in the right place. Here we are discussing all the latest models of the Ghani company.

Engine4 Stroke, Single Cylinder Engine

Ghani vehicle company was produced by the Ghani group. It was founded in 2004, the main headquarter of Ghani automobiles in Lahore, Pakistan. If we talk about the price of ¬†Ghani’s new models. So, it is very low in price from other bikes in the market. So, you can buy it easily from a company. However, the official showroom is not available in the market. But you can take it from dealers. They are dealing with this bike. Actually, the exact price of the Ghani bike is between Rs.57,500. It has good front headlights and back headlights. The battery performance of this bike is also very good. Overall, the Ghani latest bike is unique.

Here, we will talk about the guaranteed timing of a motorcycle. The Ghani company gives a 6-month guarantee to their customers. And, the spare part of this bike is easily available in the market. You can take it from every city in Pakistan.