Yamaha Leo 200cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 Specs, Features

Our users now looking from this page Yamaha Leo 200cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2023. Yamaha Bike has targeted most of the customers around the world because of its reliability. Yamaha Motor is the sole industrial supplier in Pakistan to provide quality bikes. Around the world, Yamaha covered the decent class. Yamaha manufactured the quality bike for long traveling or city-to-city movement because it’s known due to its comfortability. Yamaha is competing with its competitors like Honda,  Suzuki, and Hyundai. Yamaha Company is famous in terms of Safety, Comfort, and Design.

Yamaha launched its 200cc bikes in Pakistan. Most People in Pakistan like the Yamaha 200cc bike and its demand are increasing day by day because of its Fuel average and awesome design. Yamaha Leo 200cc has launched a bike in Pakistan with decent specifications and features. Yamaha Lea 200cc is a sports bike that is running in the road, streets, motorways, highways, and urban and rural areas. Yamaha Leo 200cc price starts from 2 lac.

Yamaha Leo 200cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 Specs, Features

Yamaha Leo 200cc Bike Specifications:

Yamaha Leo 200cc has a self-starter and kick starter both of the options are available. Yamaha designed the latest shape of headlights and tail lights. Yamaha added 5 gears for Leo 200cc and max power 11.5 kW/8000RPM. It has front and rear brakes with disk/drum.

Yamaha Leo 200cc Bike Price in Pakistan

Yamaha Leo 200cc Features:

Its features are given below for your convenience:

  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Trip meter Leo
  • Electric Start
  • Digital Headlight type
  • Alloy wheels
  • Pass Light

Yamaha Leo 200cc Bike Dimensions:

Its dimension are given below for your convenience:

Length                              1980mm
Width                              700mm
Height                              1080mm
Wheelbase                              1340mm

Fuel Mileage:

Yamaha Leo 200cc has a superb fuel average which is near about 22km per liter. It has a fuel capacity of 20 liters.


  • Stylish design
  • Resell value
  • Fuel Average


  • Imported Spare parts
  • Maintenance Issue


Yamaha gained merit due to its popularity in Pakistan. Its ability is due to the fact that it can be used by common people and can be brought easily. People want to buy it because of its cheapness and quality.

The quality of anything is determined by how many people can approach it easily, Yamaha LEO 200cc is one of them. It is not difficult to buy it like other companies. Many dealers in Pakistan are giving in cash and installment. It was made keeping in mind the modern era and that is its success. We hope you will like our views.