Sohrab Cycle Price in Pakistan 2023

If you want to stay fit and healthy, cycling is the best exercise to keep your body active and sharp. In fact, people love to buy cycles for their children and cycling is the basic practice to learn to ride any vehicle. Even in our childhood, we also start from cycling to moving on bikes and cars. So, here we are going to discuss Sohrab Cycle Price in Pakistan 2023 dealers list and popular shops. In this way, you can get Sohrab Cycle 20 inch, 22 inches, and 24-inch range. So, here we are going to provide a different variety of Sohrab Cycles in Pakistan and their general prices.

Besides, you can check the specification of the Sohrab Cycle with respect to size weight, and details in this post. So, before going to buy Sohrab Cycles read this article to get details about the Sohrab Cycle part’s price and size. But if we talk about the prices of petrol which are raising day by day, many people are thinking to buy bicycles to travel for their small distance. No doubt cycling gives fun and good blood circulation and a fit body to stay healthy. So, both perspectives of petrol prices and fitness push a person to buy cycle to solve two problems at the same time. In fact, the price of the cycle compared to the bikes is very low. Therefore, we can say cycles are more beneficial than bikes.

Sohrab Cycle In Pakistan

Sohrab Cycle sprinter Price in Pakistan

So, if you are looking at Bicycle 22 Inches Standard Cycle Price in Pakistan or New Sohrab Cycle 24 in Pakistan, you can check prices here. In fact, the Sohrab exercise cycle is also available for exercise. However, the Sohrab folding wheelchair is for those who can not walk. Meanwhile, the Sohrab Factory is manufacturing Rickshaws and motorcycles for their customers in Pakistan. So, you can get Sohrab bicycle parts from the manufacturer’s factory at low prices.

Sohrab Cycle Price in Pakistan 2023 20 22 24 24 Inch and Dealers List

The customers who are interested to buy Bicycles in Pakistan can get the No 1 Sohrab cycle. In this way, the Sohrab Cycle shops are available near Rawalpindi, Islamabad Karachi, Lahore, and almost all cities. So, you can easily find the Sohrab Cycle in all verity from near to you. Besides, here we are going to describe the prices of different Sohrab Cycle verities 20 inches, 22 inches 24, and 26 inches.

Sohrab Cycle Price in Pakistan

Here are some Sohrab Cycle prices that you can buy from any shop or dealer. In this way, the Sohrab bicycle price is available in the below table with respect to the cycle type.

Cycle Type

Price in PKR

Sohrab MBX Bicycle23,750/-
Sohrab Exercise Fitness Cycle11,800/-
Mountain Cycle 26-inch14,999/-

These prices of Sohrab are from different dealers in Pakistan. In this way, you can get any Sohrab cycle within the above range of prices. So, the price of different types can be a little bit changed due to the shopkeeper or dealer near you. In this way, you can negotiate the price by keeping these prices in your mind.

Sohrab Cycle Specs and Features

Sohrab Cycle Sprinter target 21″ Specs

Standard:JIS & BS.
Hub:Thin Barrel F/R
FrameSteel Tubing (ERW), Diamond Type Frame
ForkButted Steering Column Brazed
Freewheel½”*3/32”, 5 Sprockets 14, 17, 20, 20, 28 Teeth Threads 1.370”*24 T.P.I. (B.S.CY).
Chain wheel & Crank½”*3/32”, 40 and 52 Teeth, Rectangular Crank 7” Cottered Type.
RimsRim “He” Type 27*1-1/4”.
Handle Bar & StemExtended Handle Bar Lug With Nylon Foam Grips.
BrakesFront & Rear Derailleur with Shifter lever.
SaddlesMoulded Plastic Base thick mixed Poly Foam Imitation Leather Top.
PedalPlastic Body with Reflector, 4”*3-1/4.
Chain½”*3/32”*116 Links.

Basically, these specs are Sprinter target 21 in which other cycles are having approximate similar specs. So, you can compare these specs to the other Sohrab Cycles before purchase.

Sohrab Cycle in Pakistan

Sohrab Cycles Type Features

Sohrab factory is providing different types of Bicycles in the market. In this way, the Roadster single bar and double bar cycles are available in 22, 24 inches for elders. In fact, there are Sohrab BMX, Mountain bike lady, and jumper in the market. Besides, customers can buy double-setter bicycles with double paddles and one handle. So, this cycle is really fun to ride. However, the Sohrab Sprinter Cycle is one of the best and most stylish cycles in the market for racing. But Sohrab is manufacturing the wheelchair for patients and old people. Moreover, the exercise cycles are also available for the customer to ride at home. In this way, if you want to buy any type of Sohrab bicycle, you can order online or contact us with the help of our website.

Sohrab Factory Location & Contacts

If you want to contact the head office of the Sohrab factory or bicycle marketing office the location and contact numbers are here.

National House Third Floor, 47 Sharhrah-e-Quaid-i-Azam Lahore.

Contact No. 92-42-7320126, 7320127, or 7320128.


Sohrab Cycle Price in Pakistan 2023 and Factory Locations

The main factory of Sohrab is located at Sheikhupura road Shahdara Lahore Pakistan.

So, you can contact Sohrab cycle dealers or the Sohrab factory to get a new cycle at your place. However, the Sohrab manufacturers are making the cycles for ladies and children in Pakistan. In fact, motorbikes are also manufactured by this company. So, this is all about the Sohrab cycles in Pakistan.