Metro MR 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Black Red

In Pakistan, the metro MR 70 is counted as one of the best motorcycles in the market. Basically, it is the cheapest bike in Pakistan. If we talk about the performance of this bike. It is similar to other motorcycles in the market. Here, we will be discussing the Metro MR 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Black Red. It is presenting the market with new beautiful colors in black and red. The design look of this bike is awesome. It has many multiple colors. But. It is very popular in the market with its black color and red. Further, we will talk about the price of this bike. And it includes many features, specifications, and functions in the markets.

If you really want to take this bike. This is for you. It has many outstanding functions. First of all, if we see the engine performance. It has a good engine size like other bikes in Pakistan. This is a china company in Pakistan. anyway, people choose this bike very little. Because they thought this was china made vehicle. then, they do not like this bike. If we talk about these specifications features. So, it has a good performance. Some specifications of this bike we will discuss below:

Metro MR 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 Fuel Average

The petrol tank capacity of this bike is 9 liters. The outclass metro bike is available in the market. with a powerful engine and solid. The best thing about this bike is noise free. Due to this thing, we can be safe from noise pollution. Which is not a good thing for our health. So, you can see the best resource on this bike. which is very useful. Therefore, it has many useful functions. I will recommend you without any fear. You buy these bikes. If you want to take this bike. many web pages are here. You can also help from here. If you are looking for a bike with a good fuel average. It is a nice good vehicle.

Metro MR 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Black Red

Metro Bike Price: 53,500 / PKR

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Metro MR 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Black Red

Here, we will discuss the price of metro 70 MR. It is present in the market with different prices. If you want take this bike. Actually, many dealers are dealing with this bike. you can buy this bike in every city in Pakistan. However, the dealers are trading for these motorcycles. The exact price of this bike is around Rs.53,500.

By the way, the industry of metro MR70 in Pakistan has sold one hundred thousand bikes. Anyway, when you buy this bike from the company. by the way, they give you the guaranteed timing of these bikes. Which is a good thing. If we talk about the guaranteed timing in this around 6 to 8 months. However, the Spare part of metro 70 MR is easily available in the market. When any part of this bike is damaged. So, you can take this spare part from the market. So, you should try this bike one time. Because it has all the features. Which you can see on any bike.