Hi-Speed Alpha 100CC New Price in Pakistan 2023 

Are you looking for the latest auto manufacture of a vehicle in Pakistan 2023? Then you are in the right place. Here, we are going to discuss the Hi-speed alpha 100cc new price in Pakistan 2023 with spaces, features, and functions. However, it is a very comfortable bike. Overall, the performance of this bike is very good. You can travel on this bike long term in life. So, if you are looking for this bike t, it is a good option. Most people are using these bikes on the straight road due to their dangerous outlook. The outlook of this bike is very beautiful. The graphics on this fuel tank’s capacity make it look more beautiful. So, if you want more information about this bike then you read further details. (See below)

Those people want to take this bike so they are curious to know the price of this vehicle. So, you need to don’t worry. Here, we are providing you with all the essential information about this bike. So, if you really want to take this bike then you can take the help of dealers. Most of the dealers are dealing with these bikes in Pakistan. They will provide you each everything about this auto manufacturer vehicle. On the other hand, the estimated price of this bike is around PKR 84,999/-. It is a Chinese-made vehicle company that is present in the market. Otherwise, you can visit the official website of this bike for more details. 

Hi-Speed Alpha 100cc New Price in Pakistan 2023 

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Hi-Speed Alpha 100CC New Price in Pakistan 2023 PKR 84,999/-

Hi-Speed Alpha 100CC New Price in Pakistan 2023 

Here, we are discussing the specification of this latest model of bike. Basically, it comes in the market with the latest features which give you a good and smooth ride. The top speed of 100cc bikes ranges from 50 to 70 mph (80 to 112 km/h) on average, but most production models are capable of 50 to 60 mph. In contrast, the world record speed of this engine type exceeds 116 mph (around 186 km/h). The Hi-Speed Alpha 100cc bike is priced at Rs 84,999 in Pakistan. The engine of this bike generates power of 7.1 bhp @ 7,500 rpm. 

Key Specs:

Dimensionsin mm
Length1,795 mm
Width675 mm
Height1,125 mm
Wheelbase1,270 mm
Ground Clearance130 mm

 The displacement of this bike is 113 cc. It has a fuel tank of 10 liters. The main difference between a 125cc bike and a 100cc bike is power and torque which 125cc bikes have more comparatively to 100cc bikes, 125cc bikes also provide better top speed and pick-up than 100cc bikes but from a mileage point of view, 100cc bikes are better than 125cc bikes that’s why top fuel efficient bikes are. It’s slightly more difficult than 50cc, and in Grand Prix and VS Race, considerably more CPU racers get head-starts than in 50cc. They also begin to drift. 100cc takes some skill and technique according to Nintendo.

There are some specs of this bike is written here. Hopefully, it will be very helpful for you. The spare part of this bike is easily available in the market. The wonderful thing about these companies, it gives a six-month warranty to their customer on their latest auto manufacturing vehicle. In case of an accident, you can repair the damaged part of this bike from the market for a suitable amount of price. So, if you are looking for this bike then it is for you. I suggest you must try this bike in your daily life.