British Cars In Pakistan By Morris Garages 2023 New Model Launch Date

We are bringing the all upcoming and new British cars in Pakistan by Morris Garages 2023 new model launch date. MG is a UK-based British car brand that started manufacturing cars in the 1920s. This company was founded by Cecil Kimber who was inspired by two-seater sports cars. But over the years they have manufactured many saloons and SUVs which are spread in different countries. They have exported their cars to India, China, Canada, the USA, UAE, and many other countries. And now the company officials have contracted with Pakistani car importers to sell their quantified models in our local market.

Recently the JW Auto Park Pakistan have signed a memorandum of understanding with SAIC motor to import MG cars in Pakistan. SAIC is a Shanghai-based state-owned cars company who are dealing with imported cars in China and Pakistan. The owner of JW Auto “Javed Afridi” set a meeting with the Chairman of SAIC “Chen Hong” and contracted to start a British cars import in Pakistan business. They both parties are agreed on the memorandum and have done their first deal of launching the MG SUVs in December. Keep on reading this page to get the British cars by MG in Pakistan.

British Cars In Pakistan By Morris Garages 2023

In December the all-new British cars in Pakistan by Morris Garages 2023 were launched. Initially, the company has launched two models; MG HS and MG ZS EV (electric). On this page, you will get details about these cars while later we will soon update you with the other upcoming British cars in Pakistan which are set to be launched sooner. So just be with us and get the price and specifications details about the launched models.

  1. MG HS 1.5L SUV (Petrol Power)
  2. MG ZS EV 44.5KWH Battery (Electrical Variant)

For taking the specifications and price of these cars read below.

British Cars In Pakistan By Morris Garages 2021 New Model Launch Date

MG HS 1.5L

This is the first-ever petrol power British car in Pakistan launched on 11 December . This car is loaded with a 1.5L GDI turbocharged engine. Its 4 cylinder engine can produce the 160hp @ 250NM torque with 1500-4400 RPM. This model is having two further variants; 6-speed manual and 7-speed automatic remissions. You can take more information by clicking on the link below.

MG HS Price In Pakistan 2023 Specifications


The second one the all-new model of British car in Pakistan by Morris Garages is MG ZS EV. This model is coming in battery power trails which contain a 44.5 KWH rechargeable battery. And you must be aware that each charging car has another option of petrol power in case of any emergency or battery is empty. While its battery can produce the 141hp @ 350 NM torque. This car only has automatic CVT transmission which gives you 262 KM mileage in a single charge. Further information is hidden in the link below on which you can click.

MG ZS EV Car Price In Pakistan 2023 Specifications

New Model Launch Date

The all-new upcoming British cars in Pakistan by MG 2023 new model launch date is December . JW Motor Park Pakistan is the brand ambassador for this launch and they have set a show in packages mall Lahore where they first presented this car for its exterior and interior reviews to the general public. Now they have planned to bring these cars to the Karachi showroom.

Hence the complete details about British cars in Pakistan by Morris Garages 2023 new model launch date and reviews are written on this page. Do you want to buy these cars or do you want to get the further latest updates regarding the upcoming British cars in Pakistan? Just stay in tune with this page for taking more details.