Vespa Scooter Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specifications

We are back here to discuss the latest and modern scooter in Pakistan 2023. Once you will buy this scooter you will desire it to catch again, and again and again! This has been coming in Pakistan with the latest auto manufacturer’s vehicle and is interesting and additional to the scooter’s timeline. Here we will discuss the Vespa Scooter Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model specifications and fuel average. However, the scooter could be considered one of the best vehicles worldwide. The outlook of this scooter is very amazing! It is very comfortable for all new users. It has a very comfortable seat and is smooth. If you are looking for this vehicle. Then, you are in the right place.

Here, we will describe the exact price of this scooter in Pakistan. However, we can’t see on a straight road this scooter. But it is very popular due to volume, outlook, and outstanding performance. By the way, the price of this scooter is not high. Common people easily use this vehicle in their daily life. Basically, it is present in the market with very specific properties. If we talk about the price of this scooter. So, it is around PKR 299,000/- if you want to take this scooter so read all the further detail which are mentioned here.

Vespa Scooter Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specifications

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Vespa Scooter Price in Pakistan 2023 PKR 299,000/-

Vespa Scooter Price in Pakistan 2023

The wonderful thing about this scooter is you can travel on this scooter long term. Basically, in Pakistan, most women are using these scooters. If we talk about the specs and features of this scooter. However, it does not have a crystal-bright Headlight. So, it is present in the market with two outclass colors red and blue. Their colors make the look of this scooter very unique. Most people choose this scooter for the best outlook.

Vespa Scooter’s authentic features

  • Industrial minimal styling makes it adds up to the bold appearance
  • The lightweight frame has been all set to mix tubular and pressed steel
  • 41mm USD front forks all along with the irregular-cross section steel swingarm are part of it

Vespa Scooter Specifications


  • Engine                                4-Stroke Single Cylinder

  • Petrol Capacity                  8 L

  • Dimension (lxwxh)           1860

  • Displacement                    154cc

  • Starting                              Electric

If we talk about the fuel tank capacity is 8-litre. You can travel on this scooter on one liter of petrol for 40km to 55km. it is a good petrol capacity. People are wondering about petrol expenses. So, it is a good scooter for us. The best thing about this scooter company is. It gives a 6-month warrant to their customers on their modern scooter. The spare part of this scooter is available in the market. So, you can easily take it from any city in Pakistan.