Three 3 Wheel Motorcycle For Disabled Persons In Pakistan, Price, Specs

This page is containing the list of three 3 wheel motorcycle for disabled persons in Pakistan, price, specs, and companies. A disabled person means a man or a female who is incapacitated to drive a two-wheel bike on foot. But the other body parts in which the mental ability and others like arms and eyesight are able to drive a bike on the road. If you are also a special one and want to travel on your own bike wherever and whenever you want to go. Then just read this article and we will introduce you to some new three-wheel disabled bike in Lahore, disabled bike in Karachi, disabled bike in Islamabad, disabled bike in Faisalabad, disabled bike in Multan, Sahiwal, Peshawar, and all cities of Pakistan.

Some years back these bikes were manually prepared by a person who is needed for it. They were generally using different tires from Rickshaws or other bikes to manage the balance and suspension. But whatever they were customizing that product was not consisting upon the medical principles after all. When bike manufacturing companies noticed this condition, they decided to design a well-equipped and fully loaded 3 wheel motorbike in Pakistan at the cheapest rates. You can read the details of these bike’s specifications on the following side.

Three 3 Wheel Motorcycle for Disabled Persons in Pakistan Companies

There are different companies that are manufacturing the three 3 wheel motorcycle for disabled people in Pakistan.

  • United 3 wheel motorcycle bike in Pakistan
  • Yamaha 3 wheel motorbike in Pakistan
  • Suzuki Three Wheeler Bike In Pakistan
  • Crown 3 wheel motorbike in Pakistan
  • ZXMCO bike for a disabled person in Pakistan

Well, here I would like to tell you that the above written four companies are those who are offering their pre-designed three-wheeled bikes in Pakistan for disabled persons. But there are different mechanics and bike manufacturers who will design the three-wheel bike for you on your conditions.

Three 3 Wheel Motorcycle For Disabled Persons In Pakistan, Price, Specs

3 Wheels Bike Price In Pakistan:

When we talk about the 3 wheels bike price in Pakistan then you are informed that you will pay the regular amount of a 70cc bike first and then the company will offer you the option to customize this bike according to the condition of disability. For example, if a china 70cc bike in Pakistan is Rs. 50k then the company will charge up to RS. 10 to 15 thousand extra for the two small wheels on both sides and the shocks and other customization.

How and Where To Buy 3 Wheeler Bike In Pakistan?

Whenever you want to buy a 3 wheeler bike in Pakistan, you will first decide for either you want to have a 70cc or 125cc. After that, you will finalize your budget and choose the company for either you will buy a Honda, Yamaha, United, or any other company bike. You will go to the dealer and there you will buy a regular two-wheeler bike and then order them to customize your bike with two more wheels and shocks. The company will charge some extra charges for this customization.

  • New Disabled Bike In Lahore
  • Three Wheels Disabled Bike In Karachi
  • Disabled Bike In Islamabad
  • Disabled Bike In Multan

Till then we have written all about three 3 wheel motorcycle for disabled persons in Pakistan, price, specs, and companies. This is very important information for all those who want to buy a 3 wheeler bike in Pakistan. But if you have any suggestions or query you can leave comments in the following comments section thank you.