Suzuki GD 110 Price in Pakistan 2023

If you are looking for Suzuki GD 110 Price in Pakistan 2023 then here right page. The Suzuki GD 110, renowned for its blend of chic aesthetics and powerful performance, has earned a significant spot in the Pakistani motorcycle market. Esteemed for its impressive fuel efficiency and remarkable features, this bike has become a top choice among many. In the current market, the price of Suzuki GD 110 in Pakistan offers an exceptional balance of cost and value. While making it a competitive player in its category. Although prices may vary slightly across regions and dealers, the GD 110’s cost remains relatively steady, providing commendable value compared to its competitors, like Honda and Yamaha. Its affordable price point, coupled with its superior features, positions the Suzuki GD 110 as a worthy investment for those in search of a reliable and cost-effective mode of transport.

The Suzuki GD 110, with its blend of stylish aesthetics and robust performance, has made its mark in the Pakistani motorcycle market. The bike is prized for its superb fuel efficiency and commendable features, making it a popular choice for many. As of current market trends, the price of the Suzuki GD 110 in Pakistan is highly competitive, offering an excellent balance between cost and value. While prices can vary slightly depending on the region and dealer, the bike’s cost remains relatively consistent. Comparing this with the costs of other bikes in its category, such as those from Honda and Yamaha, the Suzuki GD 110 offers impressive value for money.

Suzuki GD 110S Price in Pakistan

Its affordability, coupled with its outstanding features, makes it a worthy investment for those seeking a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. The thrill of the open road, the breeze hitting your face, and the rhythm of the motor humming beneath you – the joy of owning a motorcycle is unparalleled. In the bustling streets of Pakistan, one motorcycle stands out due to its unbeatable balance of affordability, reliability, and premium features – the Suzuki GD 110.

Understanding the Suzuki GD 110

The Suzuki GD 110 is a marvel of Japanese engineering, encapsulating efficiency and design. With its sleek aesthetic, robust build, and excellent mileage, it has become a preferred choice for motorcycle enthusiasts across Pakistan.

The price of a brand-new Suzuki GD 110 in Pakistan stands competitive, especially when compared to other bikes in the same category from brands like Honda and Yamaha. However, the real beauty of the Suzuki GD 110 lies beyond just the price tag.

Financing Your Dream Ride

Financing options have now become a cornerstone in facilitating vehicle ownership. Banks such as Meezan Bank offer a variety of services, from conventional loans to Islamic banking options like Ijarah. These options play a pivotal role in making the dream of owning a Suzuki GD 110 a reality for many.

When planning your purchase, understanding the concept of down payments and interest rates becomes crucial. A sizeable down payment can significantly reduce your monthly installments, making the repayment process more manageable. However, one must also consider the interest rates, which add to the overall cost of the vehicle.

Cost of Ownership and Running Cost

The cost of owning a Suzuki GD 110 extends beyond the purchase price. Factors like fuel efficiency, regular maintenance, and inflation play a significant role in the overall ownership cost. Fortunately, the GD 110 is known for its outstanding fuel efficiency and durability, reducing the cost of gasoline and frequent part replacements.

Suzuki GD 110s Price in Pakistan 2023

PKR 335,000/-
suzuki gd 110 price in pakistan 2023

Motorcycle vs. Car – The Pakistani Perspective

When it comes to choosing between a car and a motorcycle in Pakistan, several factors come into play. While cars offer more comfort and safety, the affordability, fuel efficiency, and agility of motorcycles like the Suzuki GD 110 are unbeatable, especially in the densely populated urban areas.

Suzuki GD 110 Specification

Suzuki GD 110 Specification

How Do Chinese Motorcycles Compare?

The influx of Chinese motorcycles in Pakistan’s market has added another layer to the decision-making process. Despite their lower price point, Chinese bikes often lack the durability, resale value, and brand trust that come with the Suzuki GD 110.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Suzuki GD 110 fuel efficient?

A: Yes, the Suzuki GD 110 is well known for its excellent fuel efficiency. It’s designed to provide optimal performance even with high fuel costs and inflation in Pakistan.

Q: How does the Suzuki GD 110 compare to Chinese motorcycles?

A: While Chinese motorcycles might come at a lower initial cost, the Suzuki GD 110 excels in terms of durability, performance, and resale value. Suzuki is a brand with a long-standing reputation for quality, which adds to the trustworthiness of its products.

Q: What are the financing options for purchasing a Suzuki GD 110 in Pakistan?

A: Several banks in Pakistan, including Meezan Bank, offer loan and hire purchase options. They also offer Islamic banking options like Ijarah. It’s advised to consult with your bank to understand the down payment, interest rate, and monthly installments involved.

Q: Is it better to buy a motorcycle or a car in Pakistan?

A: It depends on various factors such as your budget, usage, and personal preference. Motorcycles like Suzuki GD 110 are more affordable, fuel-efficient, and better suited for navigating through dense city traffic.


In the end, owning a motorcycle like the Suzuki GD 110 in Pakistan is about balancing affordability, performance, and reliability. With its competitive price, low running cost, and multiple financing options, the GD 110 stands as a testament to Suzuki’s commitment to delivering quality and value.

The Suzuki GD 110 is more than just a motorcycle; it’s an investment into a lifestyle of freedom and excitement. With its competitive price, reliable performance, and the trust associated with the Suzuki brand, it remains a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan.

It’s important to consider all aspects of owning a motorcycle, from purchase and financing to running costs, before making a decision. But when it comes to Suzuki GD 110, you can be assured of its worth in terms of both price and quality.