PubG Jeep In Real Life M151, M825 Price In Pakistan, Specs, Army Commando

Today a very interesting topic about PubG Jeep in real life M151, M825 price in Pakistan, specs, army commando jeep is discussed here. Youngsters are very keen on having such a militia wagon in their garage. But after reading this article your concepts regarding a pubg game wagon will be changed. Yes of course we are going to discuss the M151 and M825 jeep in Pakistan which is also known as the commando or army jeep. If you don’t know about this then I would like to tell you that the jeep in Players Unknown Battleground Mobile is really available in the market.

PubG jeep is now for sale in real life in Pakistan. Pakistani Army uses this jeep and that is why this jeep is known as the commando jeep. Now one can easily buy this jeep in a very affordable price range. But you have to buy this jeep in second hand or used form. It is because this van is an Army-owned vehicle so that is why it is specially prepared under the Army needs. These wines are not sold as a new vehicle but a common buyer can buy this unit in second-hand form.

PubG Jeep in Real Life M151, M825 Price In Pakistan

First of all, you are informed that the real name of this jeep is M825. But it is also famous with its name of PugG jeep, M151 jeep, and Army jeep. This jeep is not coming as original to buy as a new from the showroom. But one can buy this vehicle from Army Jeep Auction. Every year in March, the Army announced the auction news in a newspaper in which they invite the interested parties to buy their vehicles. After buying an Army vehicle the general seller or dealer or anyone can sell this car to the next one in the general market.

So remember that the Army commando jeep is for sale in the second-hand or used category. And the price range in which you can buy this vehicle just consists of the condition of the vehicle. But a good condition jeep could be sold up to 10 to 15 lakhs.

PubG Jeep in Real Life M151, M825 Price In PakistanRS. 10 to 15 Lakhs

PubG Jeep In Real Life M151, M825 Price In Pakistan, Specs, Army Commando

Some Army SUVs Looks Like PubG Jeeps:

  • M151
  • M825
  • CJ5
  • CJ7
  • RKR
  • Land Cruiser
  • Wrangler

PubG Jeep M151 & M825 Specifications:

The last M151 and M825 were manufactured in 1970 and from that time to now these vehicles are being sold on a secondhand basis. Many people are restoring the army vans to alter them into the jeep form to attain a PubG jeep. You can read the following PubG jeep M151 & M825 specifications from the following table.

Main Armament (caliber, model)149-mm Tow Lchr
ammunition typeHEAT ATGM
range, effective (m)3750m
rate of fire (rpm) sustained/maximum/2
penetration (mm @ m range)430-920+EFP
night sights
armor, hull/turret (mm)None
weight (mt)1.11
dimensions (LxWxH m)3.37×1.80 x1.88x
NBC protectionNo
Night Firing SightsAN/TAS-4

So these are the complete details about PubG Jeep in real-life M151, M825 price in Pakistan, specs, army commando. If you have any query or question regarding this vehicle you can leave a comment below and we will reply to you back for any further query.