Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

To Ensure the Privacy of our user/client/guest we assembled all fundamental data/record statistics and information about handling your personal/professional/own data and your related/comparing privileges/rights for you and arranged here.

This privacy policy describes our policies to collect data and information when users will access this website and use the services. In this procedure of data collection. We only use personal data to provide our services and improve the service to fulfill the requirements of users. With this policy you use the service of and we admire the privacy rights and how the law protects your personal data and information. By using the services you agree and accept to the data collection and use of information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Interpretation of Policy

For the accepted purposes of this Privacy Policy you will admit that:

  • You will access with the unique account or we will provide you a unique account to access our service or parts of our services in website.
  • The company represents either “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this agreement is belong to the Lariada.
  • We may use cookies which are small files that will place on your device, computer, mobile, or any other electronic, digital, or technical device on which the website will be run.
  • It will only contain the history of your searching on the to provide you the quick and accurate results in Pakistan.
  • We may collect personal data that can be individual names, emails, or passwords to access our parts of service with identified data.

Use of Your Personal Data

We the Company may use your personal data for these purposes:

  • To provide the related and accurate service according to the search of your query by monitoring the usage of our service.
  • For the best performance of the service to provide quick results, to interact with users, and for feedback.
  • To provide the bidirectional service with the help of email, telephone, SMS, or other similar communication resources.
  • To manage the account and rights of account according to the functionalities, that user can access our website.
  • For the matinees of our upcoming services to provide the user on time.
  • To provide you with a response to your requests and manage your requests according to your account.

 However, we may use the information for identifying the usage trends marketing, your experience, and analysis of data to improve our services and for other good purposes.

Security of Your Personal Data

It is important to “Us” protect your data and security to provide you the insecurity about the safety of your personal data. But make sure that on the internet world, there is not any 100 percent method to protect personal information with the help of any method or technology. In fact, we admire that we strive to use commercially acceptable means to secure your data and information. Besides, cannot guarantee its absolute or 100 percent security. In addition, we can say that your data is secure but not 100 percent even on the whole internet.

Other Websites Links

The Company, “We”, “Us”, “Our” service may contain other websites links to provide the additional information or references that We are not operating in any manner. So, if you will use those links or reference sites or third-party links, you will be under that third part’s site privacy policy and applications. In this way, we strongly recommend our users and visitors to read the third party’s website. When they visit that from this website. Because we have no rights and access or control to manage your data and protect it from third-party websites or services. So, before accessing the third-party services or part of services, check the privacy policies to ensure your data safety.

Privacy Policy Changes

We have the right to update our privacy policy. According to the requirements and we may update our policy at any time according to the current situation. But we will notify you about the policy changes when we assume that changes are necessary for this Company/website Lariada. We will inform you about these changes through email or by posting the new policy on our website. We highly advise our visitors to visit this page periodically to get information about new changes. So, the changes to our privacy policy will effective and acceptable. When we publish our new privacy policy on this page. Therefore, we recommend our users carefully read this page and accept our privacy policy if you want our best services.

Contact Us

Our visitors can interact with us through our website contact page. However, if you have any query or ambiguity in this privacy policy or any question for confirmation, you can contact us via our website contact page.

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